Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spiritual Sunday

Today was really kind of an amazing day. For those of you who don't know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Sometimes referred to as LDS or as the Mormons. Raised all my life but much to the chagrin of my mother and other family members spent some time rebelling and testing my own wings at other choices. Eventually in my early twenties after my three sons were born, I eventually found my way back to where I am happy and peaceful in my faith.

In my church we have no paid clergy, everyone serves in different capacities at different times. These are strictly on a volunteer basis and no one is paid. Everyone just works hard at trying to help out our ward in whatever way we can. My current calling is to teach the Gospel Doctrine class. It's the adult Sunday School class. Each year we focus on a different book of scripture. The first year I was called it was the Old Testament. Talk about INTIMIDATING! I still don't get Isaiah, but have learned to appreciate his words. The next year was the New Testament. A great book to study to increase your learning and understanding of Jesus Christ. This year is the Book of Mormon. Today was my turn to teach. The lesson was on Mormon himself and his life as he struggles to teach his people to live God's commandments and unfortunately then watch their complete destruction because they ignore his warnings and counsels. I had a lot to think about as I prepared the lesson and though I am far from perfect in following God's commandments as I understand them, I certainly gained a better understanding of the consequences when we do not.

Earlier in the day, one of Luke's life-long friends Joshua Madsen, had his farewell meeting before he leaves on a mission to serve in Atlanta, Georgia. He talked about wedges that we sometimes drive in relationships and the role of forgiveness. I came away with a re-newed desire to keep my relationships with others free of "wedges". He did a great job and it's hard to think that by the time he gets back, he and Luke will not have seen each other for 3 whole years. I am amazed and inspired by these young men who make the decision to leave their lives behind for two years to go serve their Lord by preaching the gospel, bringing happiness and serving others.

Final thought of this Sunday - Life is often hard, but we just keep trying. And no matter our faith or religous preference, there is one God who truly knows each of us by name, has a plan for us, and loves us. When we slip up, or fall short, we get back up, dust off our boots and keep moving forward.

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very nice!! love the spiritual thoughts!! ;)