Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a day!!

Wow, what a day....and if you know me at all, the fact that I am posting at almost midnight is a miracle in itself since I like my beddy bye around 7:30pm...

The morning started out as any Saturday morning. Hit the gym for Purdy's 90 minute killer lifting class. This week, though, ducked out early and headed to the high school for the "Flat as a Pancake" 5k run. (Nice of them to name it after me wasn't it?) It was a fundraiser for their cross country team. I wanted to use the opportunity to beat my best 5k time and get ready for next week's 6k race.

I didn't beat my time, which REALLY ticked me off! I ran so hard but I just couldn't shave the minute and a half off that I needed to. I did however win 1st place in Women's overall.

Then it was off to Mom and John's for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Since all us kids are doing our own things for this year's Turkey day, we wanted a way to get everyone together.

Mom and John in the kitchen

DJ, Sarah and Skyler

My silly siblings and a few more nieces.

During this time, Tiburon brought her four kids over and while she and Adam enjoyed the holy war of all holy wars in college football - check out her blog for details, we got to enjoy her four offspring.

Ethan really bonded with Kasey

Olivia even got in on the action

And, once we got everyone's poopy diapers taken care of, the two littlest littles, got along grandly. Can you say new BFF's?
Chloee and Amelia

Not gonna lie, by the time Tib and Adam came to collect their sproutlings, I was exhausted. Truly, I have a whole new respect for her! Shark Bait is AMAZING! Her kids are darling and Chloee and the puppies all enjoyed the extra attention! I did realize, that I am really old. Really.Old.

Gotta love the Saturday though! Great workout this morning, great dinner with family, Utah kicked BYU's BUTT, and enjoyed some extra kids which is amusment in and of itself! Happy bus - still riding!

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tiburon said...

Glad you didn't throw my kids off the happy bus - I would have.

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for watching them - it was really awesome to be at the game and we couldn't have done it without you!

And don't you worry about that time - you did great - First place is nothing to sneeze at. And you will kick some ass on Turkey Day.

I know it.