Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Yes, I am stealing the idea from Tiburon. As I wondered whether or not I would even do a blog, I was trying to figure out what I would even say. I decided to have a daily theme. So of course, following the smart mind and idea of my friend Shark Bait, I decided that Thursday's would be Thankful days.

Things I am thankful for today:
1. Tiburon for her amazing graphic help on my blog. All cute logo's, or decorations or "jazzing it up" are due to her! Hit her blog and post her some serious props!

2. The Hampton Inn's comfy beds. No bed compares to mine at home, but if I have to be away, this is the next best thing. Paired with my Yankees blankie and I'm quite set!

3. The air freshener in the workout room at the hotel. Whewww baby, two-a-day's take a toll on a girl, and thank heavens that at least the room can overpower my own body stench!

4. Target. I really don't need to say more. However, how is it I can forget to pack at least ONE of my three different deoderant/anit-persparation sticks????

5. My amazing best friend and husband D. I have traveled alot over the past 11 years, and I NEVER have to worry about what's going on at home. He is the BOMB!!

6. My trainer Raelynne and my gym rat friends. Nothing like having to work out by yourself to make you appreciate your exercise buddies. Even if Rae is the Princess of Pain! Admittedly, I miss her torture!

Well, those are my tops for the day....what are you thankful for??


Tiburon said...

You need yourself a logo! I will just drop that right in for you ;)

I am a full service Tiburon anyway ;)

Melissa Catmull said...

That's what she said...

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

k, i totally love the blog title and i love the theme idea too! Sweet! So, today I am thankful for YOU Aunti M!!