Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday - Missionary Update and roll call

Welcome to Monday and the first edition of the Missionary Update and Weekly Roll Call.
As most of you know we have a son serving in the Chile, Osorno mission. I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on his adventures.

Here is this week's email:

Sounds like things are going good down there. Obviosly i loved the pictures! honestly, tuffy is getting huge! corb looks a lot older and more mature, mom and dad you guys both look great! It was good to see the fam again :) Thank you guys for the help and encouragement that you guys have given me. I really did need that. Got some interesting stuff for you guys.... I hope what i say here doesnt scare you guys, or make you guys worried.....

This week i thought would actually get better....when things went in the opposite diretion. Things are worse, and got a lot worse thougout the entire week. Too add to the many problems before, we now have more things added on too that. Had some very intersting experiences that i dont think i will ever forget. my a little bit crzy. He is very smart and can be spiritual, but he crosses the line with the memerbes and the investigatores. He gets really mad realy fast, and when he gets mad, there is not much you can do, but wait. IT got to the point, where he actually wanted to hit me :) Sincierly, and with patience we are dealing with HIS problems every day. It almost like he is bi polar. I am not sure. To add to that, the memerbs here are a little bit mad with him for his conduct and some of the investiagores also. There was some days, where he just shuts down, and blames everything on me. APART of that..... is where it gets intersting.....
We have been having some experiences with bad spirits. with new investagores and some memebrs here. Also.. in our house. Hahah so thoughtout with week we have been just casting out bad spirits haha. I laugh now but last night was pretty bad. I actually had to cast some out of my compaion. WOW what an experience. It is pretty crazy!

But you know what? I really am happy :) I love the misisonary work. I have also had some great spiritual experiences with my compaion also. He is a great missionary, but has his problems just as anyone else. I think about how diffilcut it is, but it is just straight up awesome being a missionary.

also dad the stuff that i want to send home would be like a little bit of clothes and book. but i am second thinking about sending that stuff home cause you right, i dont know if it would be worth it. i am goign to send some pictures and end the letter there, just so that my comp doesnt shut off and i lose everything haha
I also got the CDs and the letter from Chris. It was really good to hear from him and see how that kid was doing. havent heard from him in a while so that was great to finally get a letter. Where is griff working at right now? and what car did he buy? Also thanks dad for puttin in the 200 bcuks more, i really appreciate that.

Honesly thank you guys for what you have all done for me i really am gratefull. dont worry about me everything is going, or i mean, will be going good here haha. Look forward to hearing from you guys again. I love you guys and miss you!

Elder Catmull

To say that Dave and I are worried is a bit of an understatement, however, we decided to give it another week. If next week's email is just as concerning, I'll be the intrusive mother and call the mission home. Luke did say he was sending a letter to the president to make him aware of the situation. Prayers in Luke's direction would be greatly appreciated!

Weekly Roll Call:
Me - Here
Myself - Here
I - Wish I was back in bed.

What's going on this week?
Me - gym, PT camp, lots of work stuff, health evaluation for insurance, D scuba diving, 5k run, BYU v Utah game, early Thanksgiving dinner.
Myself - Ditto
I - Wish I was back in bed.

Goals for this week:
Me - Not kill anyone at work, not get fired due to my sexual harrassing, gain a pound, best my time in the 5k
Myself - Ditto
I - Wish I was back in bed.

So there you have it, lookin forward to a fun and eventful week.....stay tuned for Tickle Me Pink Tuesday's!


Tiburon said...

Super fantastic post. I am also a little worried about Elder Catmull.

Hopefully next week with be better.

The worst part about this post? I am not mentioned anywhere in your week.

Martha J. Hutchinson said...

I hope I'm not one of the people from work you're trying to avoid killing.

Mindi said...

why is this post and the sunday and saturday ones not showing up on my google reader? hmmmmmmmmmmm.

i am an idiot and don't know enough about this to fix it. maybe tib can.

i just charged my battery on my camera last night and saw the greatest photo of US!! i will email it to you. i'm putting it on thursday on my thankful thursday post. thankful that YOU showed up! sad that you chucked me like a bad habit. but i forgive you. cuz that's how i roll.

laustan writing service said...

Lol, the above comments are so funny, they are saying why are they not in your post mention. Were they also the part of your post? If yes then you should have mentioned them