Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best Sunday Shoes EVAH!

Another Sunday under our belt. Wrestling the chunch for 3 hours is a workout in and of itself, so I'm always glad when it hits 7:30pm on a Sunday night....
Today she wore her new red shoes - the COOLEST red shoes ever! And for the FIRST TIME (drum roll please.....), she STAYED IN NURSERY THE WHOLE TIME!!!!
She's so grown up (wipe the token tear from my eye)

Spiritual thought for the day?......

Nothing big and spectacular. Some Sunday's are like that.
I just noticed a little something that got me thinking.
An older lady was sitting several rows ahead of us in church. She and her husband are well in their 70's, have served a mission together and are really awesome people.
She was cold, so she had a shawl that she was trying to get wrapped around her shoulders. She could get it part way, but it was bunched up in the back and she couldn't get it straight. The gentleman sitting directly behind her, just quietly reached up, straightened the shawl and made sure it covered her warmly.
No big deal. Just a little tiny act of assistance.
It made think, this is really what it's all about. Just the little tiny acts of kindness that we should and DO already for each other. Nothing has to be big and measuring on some grand scale, just small, every day, simple kindnesses. It doesn't take much, just keeping our eyes open and stepping up to the plate when we need to.

So my self-challenge? Find ways to serve others a little more often.....


tiburon said...

I will provide a detailed list of ways you can serve my family. Should keep you nice and busy.

Cute shoes ;)

Mindi said...

those little red shoes on those little feet are breathtaking!

i love them.