Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Okay, I've finally done it!

Yes - yes, if you can imagine, I have joined the blogging world. After much peer pressure and some long hard thinking (ouch), I have jumped on the bandwagon. So first question, where are the refreshments? I was told there WOULD be refreshements!

In all seriousness, if that's possible for me, I have decided that this would be a great way to journal without having to find the acid free paper and forever lasting ink that the scrapbookers keep telling me I HAVE to have to properly journal.

I also am excited to keep in touch with long lost friends and to making new ones.

Finally, I have so many random thoughts that I better get them down now while I am young enough to remember and understand them. In another 40 years, I'll just be spewing gibberish so for now, I better track my insaneness.


Tiburon said...

It's about freaking time!!!!


Terri Ferran said...

"In another 40 years, I'll just be spewing gibberish..." You are so optimistic! Why wait--oh, you haven't waited :-)

Martha J. Hutchinson said...


Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

omigosh!!!!! I'm so glad you are blogging!!!! sometimes it's a little scary seeing all the different personality traits you have coming out in your blog lol! oh well at least that happens with mine! love ya tons and thanks for all the comments you've made on my of the reasons i haven't deleted it in one of my moods ;)