Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

Things that just "Tickle me Pink"

1. Tiburon. Seriously. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY she makes me laugh OUT LOUD!
2. The darlings that waddle around my kitchen floor, growling (if you can call it that), woofing at each other and rolling around in little balls of fur when they are playing. I don't know how I am going to part with them!
3. The turtle see Martha's blog for details. I don't need to say another word.
4. My D. Every day he says something funny to me that makes us have to high five or fist bump.
5. My feather pillow. How did I ever sleep before we got those? Really. AWESOME!
6. DVR. I still need to catch up on my Thurs night TV, but knowing that it is there for me is just ticklish!

What tickles you pink this lovely Tuesday?


tiburon said...

You freaking crack ME up! I am just glad you TOLERATE me on a daily basis ;)

Oh and I am soooo with you on the pillow. Adam calls my feather pillow my "bag of dust mites" but I likey - it is all smooshy and feathery and cold. Must.sleep.on.a.cold.pillow.

Martha J. Hutchinson said...

You, of course, tickle me pink. (That's what she said.)

DVRs R-O-C-K!!!

Mindi said...

tib makes everyone laugh out loud.

and i am a feather pillow FREAK. my mom made me that way. but i love it.