Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SOLD - Great Home/Family has been found!

SOOOO happy! Last night, we found the PERFECT family for our darling baby girl whom we call Lexus (she'll likely get a new name). I am being so picky about where these babies end up, and we couldn't be more happy with Natalie and Jesse. She will get to be the only child and spoiled rotten! As any good girl should be! It'll be so sad to say good-bye, but knowing where she is headed is an answer to prayer!


Anonymous said...

Auntie M,
I am soo sad to see the puppy go. She was soo dang cute. I'll bet that her mom, Jordan, will miss her. I really wanted to meet the puppy that died after it was born.


Mindi said...

if you were "street" you would have spelled it LEXXXHHUUUHZZZ".

she is adorable. glad she is going to a good home!