Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday.... SHOPPING!!

The day after Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year!
It has been Dave and I's (is that correct grammer??) tradition to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and straggle out the door armed with diet coke and sharp elbows for the irresistable DOOR-BUSTERS! Call us crazy, but in the past, we've actually kind of enjoyed it! The hustle, the bustle, the knocking over of other people in my way.....

However, this year, our hearts just weren't in it. Instead, we merely skimmed the ads with nothing catching our eyes, and went to bed with the alarm set only for the gym.
After a rousing round of kickin-yoga, I raced home, jumped in the shower and away we went. Now usually, by this time of the morning, we would be giddy with all the savings we had in our pockets, but instead, we just.kinda.dragged.
As we stood in line at Game Stop, we looked at each other and asked WHY? WHY were we so bummed out? WHY were we just NOT excited like every other year? WHY did we just not care?
And then, it hit me. WE!ARE!OLD!

*warning - Happy Bus is stalling...*

Grown son, out of the house.
Second son, on a mission (at least this is the last Christmas without him)
Youngest son, 17 and doesn't really need or want much of anything.
Granddaughter, too young to get it all, and just hears NO whenever she walks into the living room.

Well, we persevered through the few stores we decided to hit. Found a few good deals, and headed home to wallow in depression. Okay, maybe not wallow, I just finally got around to cleaning the house. Once the house was clean, the decorations could go up. Did that cheer me up any? To be honest, not really.
Instead topped off the night by eating my sorrows away at the Texas Roadhouse.
AGAIN, probably eating my weight in rolls. Seriously girl......GET!A!GRIP!

Oh well, as in the words of the beloved Scarlett O'Hara - "Tomorrow is another day."

Better be for gettin the Happy Bus up and running smoothly again!


Sheila said...

For what it's worth,,, we didn't and never have gone out on the crack of dawn on black friday.. I prefer seeing the black behind my eyelids at 4 am! I can't see the point of rushing for that gift that really is not needed. Instead we enjoyed having Derek home for the Weekend and watching my 3 nieces so their parents could go shopping. Then we all went to Famous's Daves for dinner. mmm Good Stuff!

tiburon said...

GOod for you for braving those crowds. I am pretty sure you know that I spent Friday and Saturday in my gym clothes. Doing.nothing.