Monday, September 28, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

(again, an old picture. I need to get on that boy for something recent!)

well mom and dad, by the looks of things it looks like this week went good and bad. I LOVED the pics that you guys sent me, thanks a lot!!! I kinda felt like for a mintte that I was actually in that party haha. although I do have a question.... I really am not sure at all if that girl that tuffy took to homecoming was from our ward.... I seroiusly dont recognize her at all, but oh well i guess that a lot can change in 2 years. also looked like you had a lot of work to do huh dad?? i guess this means that we would not be moving if we are working on the fence.....??
this week went a long great here. just work work and more work. GREAT NEWS is.... i got the package that you guys sent me and I got the card (you guys know that). and just to clear tings up, I did get the package from griff, actually i got it like 3 weeks ago i think. i thought i t9old you guys that, but i guess not. oh well, i got it though and it was really awesome. i sent him a letter telling me thanks for everything. thanks so muh guys for the package that you guys sent me cause i really needed that. almost all of the candy is gone now hahha. i got a call after the missionary talked to mom on the phone from the guy and told me what you told him to do hahha. i just laughed and cause he is in osorno and i am in valdia, i told him i guess the next time i go to osorno you can do it haha. Tell the blands thanks for the b day present!!!!!!!!!! sorry mom about the hip thing, but i hope that things will get better so that you will be able to run again soon.

Voy a necesitar de su ayuda...... tenemos alguien aqui que se llama Felipe. realmente necesita una respuesta de Dios para que el pueda estar seguro de su bautismo. por favor si pueden orar por él para que esté seguro de su decision a bautizarse. es un muy buen joven y yo con mi compañero sentimos fuerte que él, con nuestro ayuda, VA A BAUTIZARSE. Gracias :))

I love you guys and miss you guys sooooooo mucfh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that I only have a few months left so I am going to work really hard!!!

Elder Catmull

oh mom and remember to check and accept the people on facebook thanks!!!!

His Spanish part translated into English via Google Translator:I need your help ...... Here we have someone called Philip. really need an answer from God so that he can be sure of his baptism. please if you can pray for him so he is sure of his decision to be baptized. is a very good girl with my partner and I feel stronger than him, with our assistance, VA baptized. Thanks:))

** I realize that the translator is obviously not perfect, but the gist is Phillip needs prayers. If ya don't mind, could you also remember him?**


tammy said...

Prayers being sent.

Devri said...

prayers for phillip!

tiburon said...

Totally can remember Phillip.

Isn't it crazy that he will be home in three months?