Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

I'm so over these crutches. Really. I'm uncoordinated as it is, throw in these bad boys and just watching me try and get down the hall is comical. For reals. Sometimes I laugh so hard at myself I pee a little. Sometimes the bathroom is REALLY far away.

So my left leg has been turning colors and swelling whenever I get up. Ever since the bone scan that showed the stress fracture. I saw the doc today. They did an ultrasound to check for blood clots. Nothing, that's Good news. Don't know what's causing the obvious circulation issues. That's bad news. Oh well. Whaddya do?

My baby is 18 in 2 days. Where in the fetch does time go? He used to be this shy, little, quiet, easy peasy child. He is still shy. And easy peasy. And quiet. He is not little. He is on a date while we speak. With one of my YW. Weird.

Three more months until Elder L comes home. For that reason, I would gladly like time to speed up. 6 months until we go to Cancun. See previous sentence.

Poor Splenda Daddy. Dude has had to do EVERYTHING! Laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. Everything. Freakshow was sicker than a dog (pun totally intended) yesterday and puked too many times to count. Splenda had to get the carpet cleaner out and scrub the carpets. Then the wind knocked down our 25 year old fence. So between the inside house crap, me, the sick dog, and Sissy on the weekends, he now is dealing with repairing the fence. He needs a vacay.

Tried the gym the last couple of mornings. Jury is out. Not totally sure about it. Does it make me feel better to go and do at least SOMETHING or is it just like rubbing salt in the wound when I see everyone else doing the fun stuff, and I'm bobbing in the pool?

Did I mention that crutches totally blow?


Chief said...

3 months! in time for Christmas! We leave for Mazatlan in February! Can't Wait!

Sorry about the crutches, I really hope the circulation thing fixes itself!

Kristina P. said...

Boo for crutches. Any handicapped sticker?

tammy said...

I know how frustrating it is to not be able to do anything. With my first pregnancy I had to go on bedrest. My first thought was YAY! I get to lay around and read, get a tan, watch movies....yeah, that excitement lasted about 3 days. There comes a point when even doing the laundry sounds fun. So sorry : (

18?!? I'm having serious issues on 8 as you know.

Devri said...

18 holy cow.. times does fly, my oldest will enter young womans next month.. WTC.. Not at my house!

And I really wish I could feel for you on the crutches deal, I really do.. But when you are on them for 10 weeks, then I will play the fiddle for you! lol

But I do feel sorry for your ouchie, when I have surgery again, I will be in a short leg cast, if you have surgery, will you be in a long leg cast.. ugh! how do you pee in those things? lol

From the way it sounds, you'd just pee your pants anyways. .lol


Kado! said...

yeah...gym pools SUCK! but I know you know that!! ;)

and time does fly by way to quick...whether your having fun or not!

Plain Jame said...

Man it's got to be so crazy being you and being laid up. We fo sho' gotta get get a GNO planned and done for!

Omgirl said...

Can I come with you to Cancun? Seriously. Can I?