Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

or, in my case today - mostly Whining.

I'm going a little bat-shiz crazy. Stuck in this house. Mostly to my bed. Trying to keep ice high up on my leg (translate groin) and/or keeping it still. I'm bored of this now. I thought I would try just walking around the house a little more today. Mistake. Will go see the doctor tomorrow afternoon. Hoping for some miraculous answer or treatment.

I miss the gym. I miss my friends at the gym. I miss the endorphin high I got every day. Hello, my name is M-Cat, and I'm an addict. (Hello, M-Cat)

Nancy Pelosi looks like a withered grape to me. I don't like raisins all that much.

I do however like Skittles, and Milk Duds, and Ding Dong's, and chips and salsa, and Cafe Rio, and pasta, and pizza. I think I shall now just pretend I am watching BaWack -O with a a couple of slices of pizza behind him. Without cheese. Cheese is gross.

My dogs are scruffy and need to be groomed again. Reminds me, I need to email Abraxas Kennels and give a shout out to Kim who alerted me to get Freakshow checked ASAP.

Are those pieces of pizza gonna keep standing up all night? That's gonna get old.

I am sad summer is over. I live for summer. I live for the wicked hot sun beating into my very bones. The best sensation ever is getting into a hot car. For reals. I can't wait for March and Cancun.

Oh for hell's sake, they are standing again!! Sit down pizza slices, sit down!

Speaking of Cancun, did you see the highjacking that took place on AeroMexico? I guess that blows my plans of muling in some drugs for the Bolivians. I have, however, paid my way into Mexico. For reals. Didn't have the correct paperwork. A gentleman kindly accepted Splenda's 20 dollar "tip".

I'm still loving my eyes. It was the best thing I ever, ever did. Sometimes I still have to adjust from close up to far away, but no biggie. Worth every dang dime from Splenda's wallet.

I've decided that those white shirts on the slices of pizza remind me of cheese. I hate cheese. And slices of pizza that stand up every frickin two seconds.


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Are you on pain-killers? Just wondering, lol

Loralee and the gang... said...

Glad you can see! But, are you having halucinacions? JK
We are DVR-ing BaWack-O (love that) but I don't know if I will have the stomach to watch the speech. Seriously, he makes me nauseous. I may just try to find it online and read it.

tammy said...

Those two johnny jump-ups were driving me crazy! I loved it every time the camera panned to the Republicans though.

Luvpilot has "tipped" many a Mexican official on his travels to and from Meh-hee-co. He's glad he doesn't have to fly there anymore.

Martha H. said...

I don't like politicians, but I do like the guy that said "You Lie!" last night. I want to high five that man. That took some cajones.

Heather said...

Hahaha, oh my, this post cracked me up. I didn't even watch the whole thing last night (SYTYCD takes precedence because I'm super classy), but I was getting so tired of the standing, too. I was convinced it was all Nancy Pelosi starting it, and I swear that there were even a couple times when Biden looked at her like, "Seriously? We have to stand again?"

rychelle said...

come to vegas, summer is still in full swing down here!

SO said...

A hot car? Really? You probably love sauna's too. I can't breathe when it gets that hot.

Shawn said...

Oooohhh, I like briskness, not hot, and I am STILL jealous of your "eye job".

Hope you feel better soon, my dear.


Cherie said...

Well since I am reading this a day late I know that yesterday sucked for you and today you are Thankful! ha ha
Hope you are feeling better and I totally loved the randomness of this post - it just went everywhere in only the way YOU can write it!! You are fantastic!!

Plain Jame said...

I just got back from the beach and I do not give you clearance to go to Mehico. Too bad you already paid and will do whatever you feel like. gosh.

Lets hang out.xoxo

Kado! said...

Wish we were closer...we could share a BIG cheese-less pizza and Skittles for dessert!...then people might not look at me crazy as I order my pizza and eat it like that! ;)

Omgirl said...

I hear you on the summer. I love and will sadly morn the loss of summer.

tiburon said...

I miss you too.