Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tuffy's Senior Homecoming

This is his last at WJHS. Unless of course he goes back as a "super senior" but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't get caught DEAD doing that. Such a stigma on the "super seniors"

He took a darling date who also happens to be one of my YW. My boys have all had a thing about NOT dating the girls in the ward. "Ewww, they're like my sister or something" But on occasion, they've gone anyway and had a great time. Last night was no exception.

Now if you don't live in UT, I'm pretty sure that the way we do dances here is going to seem strange. It's because it is.

There is no simple asking, and answering. There is a whole PRODUCTION.
There is no simple having a nice dinner and going to the dance and then going home. It's an ALL DAY AFFAIR.

Tuffy asked MB by getting a dozen of beautiful friendship roses and then sneaking into her car while she worked and writing a cute poem across all her windows. In the flowers, he left a cute little card with his name, so she would know who asked.

MB answered by "bombing" his room while he was away with balloons, crepe paper and then left on his bed a delicious looking chocolate cake. He found the answer "yes" baked inside.

Very fun! I liked that they both kept it fairly simple, but cute and certainly not a wallet breaker!

The morning of Homecoming, they were out the door at 7:40. Breakfast at Denny's at 8:00am and then headed to the zoo. They were in a group of about 10 couples. That's 20 kids! How fun is that?!

After doing the zoo all morning and into early afternoon. They dropped their dates off to get ready. Tuffy relaxed by drumming. And drumming. And drumming. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE IT! He is good and I love to hear him.

About 3:00, he started getting ready again. I ironed his shirt, and pants, he pulled out his new (match her dress) tie, and by 3:45, he and his bestie were out the door to go fix dinner(yes that is Tuffy grabbing B's butt. He's such a clown!)

The boys were cooking dinner for the girls. They had reserved a church so they could have room for everyone and set up a nice table and decorations on the stage. Someones mom did a great job of helping them!! Apparently it was filet mignon with strawberry cheesecake for dessert. And the cost for each couple? MUCH cheaper than a restaurant which they would have spent half the night waiting for a table anyway.

They picked up their dates, came home for pictures and then away they went. (placing the beautiful corsage)

(I am not biased or anything but they are damn cute!)

(Since they are both "my" kids I decided I needed to be in a picture too)

(And the "pull a funny face - but mom you're such a dork" pose)

I didn't see him again until this morning as he headed out the door for work.

Me: So how was last night?
Tuffy: Great! It was fun.
Me: How was dinner?
Tuffy: It was really good actually.
Me: And the dance? Did you guys actually dance?
Tuffy: Yeah (chuckles)
Me: What did you do after the dance?
Tuffy: Watched a movie.
Me: Which one?
Tuffy: Something like Matchstick men or something like that
Me: Was it good?
Tuffy: Yeah, it was all right.
Me: What time did you get home last night?
Tuffy: About midnight

And that my friends is how post-date conversations go with sons. I'm sure had he been a girl, I would have gotten detail, after detail, after detail.

Do I know he really was home by midnight? Yes. I'm the bad mom that doesn't sit up and wait till all her brood is home safely in the nest. That's Splenda's job.

He had a great time, with a darling girl and since this was her first dance, I am hoping she had just as great a time. I hope to hear all about it in YW on Sunday!

PS. Notice how modest her dress is? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!


Devri said...

very moddest, and very beautiful!

ok loving the expressions on their face when you went to take a shot with

NOt only do you have great kids, but you are a great mom!

Heather said...

I'm not biased, and I still say they're dang cute. You make some good lookin' fellas.

Jillybean said...

What a fun day, and I love how they didn't have to spend tons and tons of $$.
Such a great idea to reserve the church and have the guys cook dinner. (I'm filing that one away for future use when my boys are that age)
The girl is darling, and the first thing I noticed was her beautiful, MODEST dress. She must have a really great YW leader who has taught her well;0)

Vanessa said...

Holy crusty looks they are giving you!! I probably would have given my dates mom the same look at age 16/17.

Chief said...

Loved the pic of you in the middle. I think she really likes you!

tammy said...

I love that you got in on the pic. Glad they had a good time. I can't believe the production that dances have turned into however. We did the creative asking, and dinner and maybe something after, but the all day thing is a bit much for me. Guess it's a good thing I'm not in high school anymore. Love her dress!

MommyJ said...

They both looked lovely. :) SO I'm an east coaster, and have never understood the huge production that asking to dances is out there. I mean, it sounds sort of fun, but sheesh! SO much work!

JennyMac said...

they are so cute....and you look fab!

and you are right, if it was a girl you would have received 10000 details including what everyone else was wearing. LOL.

tiburon said...

Oh my goodness they look ADORABLE! That Preston is going to get you in some big trouble with the ladies :)

wonder woman said...

We did stuff like this for Prom, but not homecoming! Sounds like they had a blast!!

wendy said...

Well, damn cute for sure. Her dress was great and the corsage was gorgeous and your son ---well, HELLLOO - handsome devil.
Sounds like they had a good time (hope you got more details at YW)
I remember once when my daughter (remember ALL 5 of my kids went to WJHS) was asked out and the kid was a Bateman (that was when they still had their on Bateman hill)
Anyway, he tied a bull calf to a bale of hay in our yard with a sign that said 'THIS IS NO BULL, COME TO THE DANCE WITH ME"
Yeah, I remember how elaborate those "asking and answering" things got.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Super cute couple! And the whole production thing? That's all about how great memories are made. Utah dating rocks - We need it to catch on here up in n. Idaho!

Shawn said...

Amazing how much they put into things back there! They don't even HAVE homecoming here! They feel that it is too much fluff and that kids go to school for academics, not fluff. I was raised in Texas---so I say----whateveh----let them have some FUN!!

Martha H. said...

How adorable! Glad they had a good time.

Kathy B! said...

Gorgeous dress!!

This looks like such a fun time :)

Kado! said...

Wow! a whole day of it!!! It sounds like so much fun! everyone loved that modest dress...but under that black sweater was really spaghetti straps...right! lol...I'm only kidding...ONLY I would have pulled that one in HS! ;)

very cute couple!!!

Pedaling said...

what a fun date your tuffy is!
the kind of guy i like for my girls!
my girls have had some great dates like that and some real duds! really really bad.
i love your son. you should be proud and yay for the modest dress.
and yay yay for you getting in the picture!
love you!