Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missonary Monday - Thankful Thursday all rolled into one

I'm so thankful that we got a great email from our missionary today!
Really, really old picture. Like from the beginning of his mission. His first area.


Hey!!! How are things going for you guys?? Sorry I kinda told you guys a little late that we were going to have our PDay a different day, I guess I just forgot. I sure that you guys are probably wondering what I did on my B day right? Alright I will let you guys in on what happened.
Actually the day before my bday we had intercambios one of the sectors called calle calle so when I woke up in the morning my companion that was in our sector, El Laurel gave me a call and dang happy birthday to me. After that we studied and finished our intercambios. My comp showed up with the comp of the missionary that I was with with two balloons, those things that you blow into (its like a piece of paper and it makes a sound) and cake. They came in and sang happy b day to me and we ate some cake. We went with our normal day…. I wasn’t expecting anything special cause I really didn’t tell anyone that it was my b day so we just went with the normal day of work, I kinda had something crappy to eat for lunch, but I guess that is normal here haha. We left at about 3:30 with a member to work and we taught a lesson and when we went back to his house, him and his wife had made empanadas for my b day with drinks and hats. It was like a mini b day party. He is my ward missionary leader so that was really nice of him. We ate tons of food there. Then we kept on working like a normal day. We had a Family Home Evening planned with a less active family and our Mamita´s family to help them come back to church. It was about 8:30 when we got there to have the Family Home Evening and what I didn’t know was that they had a little b day party planned. They had put up balloons and made cake, and of course, my favorite…..brownies!!! They all sang happy birthday and we ate cake and had a little party there. That really was awesome!!! It really was a lot better day then I thought that it would be. I have a couple of videos and some pics! That really was about it! I really did enjoy it. It wasn’t the best I have ever had… but it was great!
Anyways, I am sorry mom to hear that you are injured and wont be able to run for a bit. I am hoping that you will get better so that you can start running again! I did get the last package that you guys sent to me. I got it about 2 weeks ago!!! Thank you sooo much it was so good. I already have eaten it all. I am still staying warm so don’t worry. I wont be buying the jacket after all, the weather is starting, little by little to warm up, so it wont be necessary. I will be buying some clothes though, I mean, socks and shirts. I don’t know what is going on, but everytime that I leave my clothes to be washed, I always get back less than what I sent. I am only down to 5 pairs of socks!!! So sometimes I am using the same socks and garments like 3 times hahaha. Kinda sad, but I am used to it now…..
Me and my comp we are going to get the mail today so I will know if the packages have come yet. You will be getting a call if I get the card!!! We actually did get a new heater so we are good to go there. We are actually using it less and less cause some of the days, we really don’t need to. I am glad that corbin got the job!! I am going to send him a little letter today!! Today we are going to go and visit some places here in Valdivia. We are going to visit a place called niebla today, which I heard is kinda cool. Its like some kinda historical place with some beaches and stuff. I will be sure to take pics and send them to you guys!!!! I love you guys and miss you tons. I cant believe that this sat I will be at 21 months in the mish. I will be home soon.

Elder Catmull

I am going to post his letters to his buddies. Only because I love how much he is so himself still. And that he loves them so much. Also, as you read his letter to J, realize you NEVER know the influence you have on others. J didn't think much of it when he invited Elder L to EFY that summer, but it was a life defining time for my son. Had he not gone, he would not have had the special experience that he did, and he wouldn't be where he is right now. Sometimes, the small and little things make all the difference in the world.

What up dude, what is going on man???? Good to hear from ya man. Things are going good down here in CHIILLLEEEE. We haven’t had any baptisms for a while, but still things are going good!!! It is kinda weird that we are 21 now and dude, my last b day here in the mish!!! Hows your life going man?? How is the GF and work doing?? Oh and when did you actually plan on going to VEGAS???? Keep it real man. I don’t got that much time left on the mish, so we will be hanging out soon man!!! Te amo como un gordo ama torta, tu sabes. Cuidete mucho hermano and escribeme pronto!!!!!


What up dude?? How are things going for you bro??? Thanks so much for writing me man, it really is good to hear from ya. Haha I laughed when you said that sometimes you feel like a zombie cause dude, I can kinda relate to what you are talking about. My life was kinda like that before the mission soo….I guess that I kinda know. And, ILL PASS with the whole “Marriage when you get back from the mission thing.” I don’t have any big planes, but I don’t plan on trowing the eternal ring of death haha.
Sorry I couldn’t get to throw you an email the other week, it was kinda really busy. I will be honest with you man, I seriously have never been so busy in my entire life. I guess that is normal for a missionary, but something that I really didn’t expect. Things are going great on the mission though. I haven’t changed much, I still teach some of the my comps how to do bluedarts. Its hilarious dude. Can you image that some of the Chileans here done even know what that it is?? Anyway I have some cool videos of the bluedarts that we did here haha.
Josh, I really never got the chance to thank you dude. You seriously did so much for me. Seriously I love the mission soooo much and I would have never been out here if you didn’t invite me to EFY. I know that it is something way small, but seriously dude, I am so gratefull for that dude. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! Thanks for always being an example for me!! Well I don’t have that much time left in the mission so that will be good cause we can hang out and play some WOW or Halo. Speaking of that, do you and G hang out a lot now? Or are you guys hanging out with the women more than each other? I know that you are still keeping it real at home man. Thanks for sending me a letter and looking forward for the next one man!!!

Elder Catmull


What is going on dude??????? I cant believe man that you are going to be 18 man. I guess that the time goes by realllllllu fast. So homecoming is on your b day huh? Dude, you gotta go man, I remember mine, and it was really fun dude. What concert are you guys going to go to? I bet that will be fun. Oh and what does scott say about going on a mission??? Oh and what is up with this new Halo game?? Tell me about that dude?? I serioudly bro would send you something for your b day but I don’t want to take the chance that it will be stolen like the last two times. Are you still working at Maceys?? Well dude, have a great week man, good to hear from you man, and looking towards the next email!!!! Love ya and miss ya

Elder Catmull

I am so thankful for the good people in Chile who made my son's birthday special. it was a bummer here at home without him.

I am so thankful for the good friends my son has.

I am so thankful that he has not burned himself or his comp's in the teaching of the blue darts. If you don't have boys, you most likely won't know what I am talking about. And that is okay.


Chief said...

This is so fun for me to read. I don't even know the kid, but just thinking about him out there, serving...makes my heart big and happy! I think it must be the boy mom in me! What a great kid!

Plain Jame said...

That is sweet - all those letters he took the time to write... so cute. He's a great kid!
Ya gotta let him know that marriage isn't exactly evil, though! hahaha!