Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A very C Reunion - kinda

So this Saturday is a BIG family reunion. Splenda's side. They don't do annual reunions, in fact I think the last one they attempted was a couple of years ago. But with the magic of FB - they are all connecting again and a few of the elders took the initiative to organize an event.

The bummer is that Splenda and I will be touring Southern Utah doing this. No Splenda is not running, get serious. I'm running, he's a van driver. in a small impromptu pre-reunion get together, a few of us met at Splenda's sister's house for a barbeque.

It was fun to meet Aunt J who I haven't seen since we got married. And watching her was like watching Splenda's dad. The similarities were eerie. I missed him. We met some new relatives that I have quickly forgotten names and had a nice quiet visit.

A fun side note, one of the cousins is the founder and CEO of Pixar. It's always fun to hear what he is up to. He's not coming in this weekend for the reunion, but his Dad will be, and he always seem to have an inside scoop, so I'm sorry we'll miss that.

It was fun to see some of the other side of Splenda's family. They are a bit more spread out than his mom's side and not as close, so it was delightful to watch the interactions.

(all the C's there tonight)

(the non-blood's)

(the best C and me)

And....... my beef brat (not pictured) was dang good!


Pedaling said...

it's all about FAMILY!

AS Amber said...

Did you say "anyhoo"?? I'm telling DeNae on you!

You're so freakin' cute! You and Splenda are darling together. I love your guts! Good luck with your run, girlie!


tiburon said...

mmmmmm spicy weiners...

tammy said...

I love family get-togethers. I miss the ones we had when I was younger and before everyone got old and busy with their own families.

Plain Jame said...

Did you say brat? mmmmmmmmmmm

I get to fam it up this weekend and I'm pretty sure I'm stoked about it. Love my fam. Then I get to go to the beach - I.cant.wait.

Kado! said...

you are such a cutie!