Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Pity Party and you're ALL invited!!

Welcome to M-Cat's Pity Party!! Pull up a chair and put up your feet. Can I get you a diet coke? A snack? Make yourself comfy and listen up good, 'cause I'm gonna let myself bitch just this once. Then I will be done......


So, um, yeah. I've been hurting for awhile now. Okay since the 24th of July Deseret News 10k. I noticed that while I was concentrating so hard on working through my IT band issues and knee pain, I ignored the pain that was starting in my hip. My left hip.

I just kept going. Running, cycling, swimming, racing. Doing it all. Having a blast, but hurting. It kind of just kept getting more and more noticeable, but as an "athlete" something always hurts so what's the big deal right?

I knew I was going to be hurting for the last three things I had planned this summer. The Red Rock Relay, The South Jordan Marathon Relay and The Top of Utah Marathon. The last being my big one! My big goal. My first.ever.marathon.

As I was preparing for the Red Rock, I knew it was hurting, but I really could get through it if I just kept going and dosed on Ibuprofen. Then my game plan was to get through the relay which was a simple 5 miler and then no matter what it took, I would finish the marathon. Limping, hobbling, or crawling, I would finish and then take a break.

You'll remember my post about Red Rock. You'll remember I saw the IC doc and he thought it was a trashed tendon. Well, I took the antinflammatories, rested the prescribed days and when I didn't get any better, I headed for my OWN doctor. One day I'll get his permission to use his name on the blog and pimp him out, cause really, I think the world of him! If you live in the south end of the Salt Lake Valley and need a good family doc he's your man. Email me and I'll send you his way. But I digress.

He examined me, we talked it over, I told him how I felt about things and what my gut said. He ordered a bone scan and instructed me to get in with my Sports medicine Orthopedist. See he actually listens to his patients. He also put me on crutches and said to stay off of it until we got a definitive answer.

Monday, I had the bone scan. Of course, I wanted results before I ever got off the table, but the tech just gives you the standard answer of "your doc will have the results by Wednesday". Wednesday? ARRGGHHHHH.

Tuesday afternoon I had an appointment with my Sports Med Orthopod. While I was sitting in the lobby waiting to be called back to the waiting room, my FP doc calls with the scan results:
Stress Fracture in the left femoral neck.

He's glad I'm seeing the orthopod and asks me to keep him in the loop as he is interested to see how I am treated.

Sports med doc. Love him. He's a runner. After he ripped into me for running so long with it hurting and masking the pain with ibuprofen and lortab, he gave me his directions.

1. Absolutely no weight bearing for at least 3 weeks. None. Don't even accidentally step down on your leg.
2. After 3 weeks, attempt stepping on your left and monitor pain. Any pain? Back on crutches until you can do it pain free. If it's not hurting, then ditch the crutches, and begin walking. Again, as long as you stay pain free.
3. A couple of weeks of just walking, I can get back on the treadmill and walk, gradually adding in some running.
4. I'll see him again in 4 weeks, he'll see how it's healing and how I am feeling and he'll put together more of a definitive rehab plan.

He did say that I could run in the pool as early as next week. I could possibly cycle on a stationary bike in 3 weeks. BUT.......every single thing I do, I need to monitor by pain. If it hurts at all. STOP.

Well, as much as I prepared for having to be sidelined, it still felt like a punch to the gut. And while I realize it could be much worse. It's in such a tricky spot that they have to be careful that it heals. Sometimes fractures in this particular area require surgery. None for me thanks!

So, I get all that. I understand I need to listen to my body....blah blah blah. I get it really. But I can still say that this blows! Seriously. Bad. If you've ever been on crutches for an extended period of time, you know exactly what I mean. And since I don't want to accidentally put weight on there, I basically stay down as much as I possibly can. Boy, isn't that fun!

I can not stand having to have assistance with every little thing I do. I can't stand having people look at me while I hobble around. I can't stand that kind of attention. Now, sure if I'm being funny and entertaining, then by all means, freaking pay attention to me. I demand to BE the center of attention then! But this? No...... I can't stand it.

I know the standard lines. "Things happen for a reason." "You need to learn to let others help you." blah blah blah and more blah. Save it. I know all that. I understand all that. I am learning to let people help me and believe you me, I am MORE than grateful for all the help I have had. People around me are SAINTS. But for right now. This minute. I am pissed.
At least I get the up close parking spots now right?


Kristina P. said...

None of it happens for a reason crap from me. You're right. Completely sucks.

But yay for being handicapped now and getting to park closer!

tammy said...



But you do look totally hawt with your gun.

GRAMEE said...

ouch! i can see the pain in your eyes!!

so sorry!
i know like my kids would say sorry doesn't make the pain go away!!

tiburon said...

I am sorry poodle. I feel your pain. And I know it sucks. Thanks for the invite to the party though!

Where is the cake??

Martha H. said...

Well that just sucks dirty socks!!!

CountessLaurie said...

You go on right ahead and have that party. You look good doing it!

(If there were a bright side to all this, which there isn't, that bright side would be that in your year of firsts, this is the first time you have had a stress fracture in the left femoral neck. The other bright side is that you could whack people with your crutches if they irritate you.)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yeah, I took my crutch to church on Sunday and it drove me nuts..."are you OK?" (yeah, no big deal I just pulled a muscle)
then some would be a little too curious "what did you do" (just stretching a little too much, then continuing to run on it; acting like I did when I was 18; I'm not a kid anymore; getting old sucks)
and those who ask "what did you do to your foot?" (I didn't hurt my foot, I pulled the backside of my groin muscle, ya know, THERE!)
So embarrassing...
but you are in my prayers, since it seems your injury has mine beat to smitherines...
Take care of yourself, girl!

Sue said...

It just feels better to vent doesn't it?

My hubs fell at the gas station 3 weeks ago. Uses a cane everyday, and we have handicapped sticker..

We don't know if his problem is permanent. I know and feel your pain!

Plain Jame said...

Did someone say cake? I love cake. How the heck did you already pull off your temp handi parking pass? Your are oozing with awesomeness.

Funny how so many of us take for granted being able to walk basically pain free and we still sit around...

Sorry you're having a sucky time, before you know it, you'll be back on your feet accomplishing goals and being active again. Maybe it's someones way of telling you to slow it down for a bit...? hmmm?

Ok I'll shut the hell up.

wendy said...

Oh man, that sucks indeed. You should learn to live by MY motto --if it even LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT CAUSE PAIN, don't do it. (tee,hee)
seriously, I hope you get well soon as you are far to active to be on crutches ---but just think of the people you can hit with them and knock out of your way.

SO said...

That really does rot! Especially for someone who loves exercise and is so active like you. I'm sorry you have this to deal with. Learn from this though.

And hey. You never know maybe you needed some upper arm strength. I had to start Jr. high on crutches. And I got some great guns from it...went on to throw the shot put and discus for the U. I believe that being on those crutches helped me be a stronger thrower. Weird I know but well...true story.

Just look at this as an extended upper arm work out.

Vanessa said...

DAMMMMMMIT! I'm so sorry. I hope you are pain free soon.

Kado! said...

Oh...that sucks...that is a long healing least you have GREAT friends!!!! they will get you thru it!!

Erin said...

This is so sad. I'm so sorry for you! I really hope it heals up soon, and fully.

Anonymous said...

nice crutches!!!! why don't you just keep training with crutches?

hope you get better soon
Love ya Rick

Omgirl said...

Awwww..... :( So sorry! Can I bring you some ice cream and a trashy magazine to read?