Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Ummmmm, yeah I realize it's Tuesday, but I been a tich busy....

Hey parents,

Well, another week has gone by, can you believe that? I guess that you guys realized that I am coming up on my 21st birthday huh? I guess if you guys are wondering if I had any big planes, the answer is I dont know haha. All I know is that I am going to buy me a cake haha nothing else, but for now, that I all that I have planned.
Also as you guys have realized, it is really really cold but from what I hear, we are getting out of the cold weather, slowly, but surly. I sure hope that its like that. I dont know if I told you guys, but our heater broke haha. We have just been wraping ourselves in blankets. Here in Chile they have a great idea of heating yourself up while sleeping. Its called a g√ľatero (its said watero). It kinda looks like a whoopy chushion but, its like thick rubber and you are supposed to fill it up with water. Its kinda like a rice bag, but with water, and it heats up the bed. Well, I cant buy it yet, but as missionaries we improvise. The last week I bought some juice that comes in a big bottle, like Watts for example. So....I filled up the bottle with hot water like a g√ľatero, but what I didnt realize was that the hot water might do something to the plastic..... The first night was fine, and it worked great. I really thought that I was a genius if you could imagine. The other day when we were studying I did the same thing. I filled it up with hot water and went to study with this thing in my lap. Well, the hot water burnt through the lid cause it was plastic and some of the hot water fell onto my leg. NOT TO WORRY, I was really lucky cause the hot water that was in the bottle was just warm and not hot enough to burn me. I really am lucky hahaha. But not to worry cause today we are going to get a new heater and all will be good by tomorrow plus, the weather is heating up. Okay, to answer some questions.....

1. How are things going with your comp? Do you still get to talk to Elder Pujol? THings are going great with my companion, we get along great. I still do talk to Poo hole, in fact, I have great news...Poo hole is training now, so that means that I am a grandpa in the mision!!!! I will send you a pic.

2. Weather. Staying warm and dry? Do you need anything (other than getting your dang debit card)? I am struggling to do the two things. I actually was thinking of somethinmg, and I would like to hear your opinion about buying a new jacket for the rain. The jacket I have really doesnt work.... all my clothes always gets wet....the problem is, here the waterproof jackets are expensive and I would only be here in the misison for another couple of months. I mean, I guess that I could alwya use it when I get back, or the fam or whatever, but still what you do you guys think?

3. Baptisms on the horizon? How are your families doing? I actually am not sure really what is going on, things are going rough with the families that we have. I guess there is oposition in all things right?

4. Busy with ZL work? How do you like that? Really busy!! Actually there was one day this week that we got to the house and I was sooooo tired and exahuested that I couldnt even get into my pjs. I just slept with my shrit, tie and pants and everything that I had on haha. I slept warm thats for sure. And when I woke up, I was ready to work haha.
Thigns are going great here in the mision I am still loving every minute of it and cherising the time that I have. Send something to Chris please letting him know that I want to hear from him!!!!! I love you guys soo much thanks for the supoort. Have a great week!!!

spekaing of elder poohole, he is here!!!!!!!!! he came to the same internet place that i am at, he wants to tell you guys soemthing.....

"Whatsup!!:D:D:D hEY i MISS this guy"!!! Wooo he is incredible:!:!:! Well i am daddy now jajajj:! He is grandpa...:):) Hope you are alright, and take care of the Mustang XD..) .. there is my little sister waiting for him someday...abusIVATOR..XD.."
Take care, and thanks for evryuthing, you have a real good man here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Elder Catmull

**YAY a new picture! I am glad that he is so happy, and how fun for him to meet up with Elder Pujol again. Those two will be life long friends!**


tammy said...

Awesome. How many days are left mom?

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh. Love all of your missionaries letters. He is a good writer!