Monday, September 21, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

**No pic this week : (

Hey how are you guys doing????? All things are going good here in Chile!!! I am really happy here in the Mish. Our went along pretty good, there wasn’t too many parties here in Valdivia. This place is really calm and there is not a lot to it. At times it kinda seems boring compared to the other sectors that I have been in. It was also good cause at least I could get some sleep in the night. A year ago when it was this same festival week it was really hard to sleep cause we slept right next to a bar and there was music the entire night!! At that time I was in Quellón. Despite some of the difficult things that we are going through here, it really has been a blessing to be here in this sector.
Thanks so much for sending the pics! Chloee really is getting soo big and cute to. Kinda sad that Grandma will be selling her house. I could only imagine that there are good memories there. That is cool that she will be serving another mission again. I am happy for her. Actually you guys know what?? She, along with you guys have been the most faithfull in writing. Grandma has never stopped writing me this entire time that I have been here in the mish. I am going to send her a letter today thanking for all of that. At least every month I get a letter from here along with some cut out of the ensign or some article that she sends me. I feel bad cause I haven’t gotten a chance to write her as often as I would like with the lack of time here in the mish, but I for sure am going to send her a letter a long with a post card from here. Have you guys talked to her or given any updates about me and the mish?
Espero que ustedes esten bien. Ya que el tiempo esta terminando, trato no tanto a pensar de la familia y casa. Muchas gracias porque en este tiempo de mi mision es muy vital que me enfoco aqui y que no estoy pensando tanto en lo que voy a hacer cuando vuelvo. Me acuerdo en la entrevista que tuve con el Presidente, el me dijo que yo tenia que darme cuenta de que yo estaba terminando la mision solo para dar todo lo que pueda a los misioneros, el sector, y al senor. Espero a lograr esto porque SÉ que hay personas esperando a escuchar este mensaje. De hech, quiero contarles esta hestoria que me paso meintras que estaba en un intercambio con un misionero. Nos encontramos enseñando a un joeven que se llama Jose (si sé que su nombre es ordinario), y el era un joven que le gustaba mucho el rap y el hip hop. Estaba metido en el mundo, pero le gusto mucho a compartir. La segunda visita con el, mientras que compartimos con el, hablamos de su proposito y como es que el puede vovler a vivir con Dios. Compartimos la escritura en Hechos 2:38. Despues que lo leyo, me miro y me dijo, Elder, y habia una pausa por como un minute. Luego dijo, Elder, este es increible. Yo por mucho tiempo ha buscado una respuesta en mi vida, y ahora, yo lo tengo aqui. Yo se lo que tengo que hacer en mi vida. Aqui yo tengo las respuestas.
These experiences that I have had in my life, have changed me. I will be really sad when I am released to be a missionary…….. :( I liked the story of Micheal and the T.V. haha made me laugh a lot. Would be kinda cool to be able to do that all of the time. Also…. I am not sure whose tuffys date is….. I don’t rememeber who she is….also AB?? I don’t remember either haha, but that is kinda funny!!
Mom and dad, thanks for all that you guys do for me. I have had a lot of companions, and not any of them have had the great same support that I have from you guys!!! I love you guys and miss you sooo much!!!!

Elder Catmull


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big 18 huh????? Wow dude, that means that your curfu will be later!!!!! SCORE!! Not to mention that you will be going on Homecoming I am sure that your b day will rock man. Sorry I wont be able to be there for ya, but just know if I could send you a present, I would have!!! Hmmm….MB, I don’t know who she is. I guess I will see when you send me the pics of homecoming right? Or I mean next week? Tell her that for your b day you want the new halo game so that she will buy it for you man haha. J tells me that you and J have been hanging out is that right? That’s cool man, is he into WOW too like J???? He told me that he has a level 80 priest man hahaha. Oh dude, have you gotten any raises yet either at Maceys?? I would think that after at least a year of working there you would get some sort of raise or promotion. Anyway dude, have a freaking blast this week man, CAUSE ITS YOUR B DAY BRO!!! Feliz cumpleaños!!!! Love ya and miss ya

Elder Catmull

**I think this might be one of my favorite letters!


Cherie said...

He is one sweet guy! I love the way he loves his family and his Grandma. So sweet.

Did you understand the spanish part? Just wonderin'.

Chief said...

I love it!

Jenny said...

I love how you post his letters. He has such a beautiful testimony and real love of serving. At least that is what I have gotten from reading them each week. I am a little sad that my son is choosing to join the miltary and not serve a mission. I am OK with him serving in the Miltary, I had just hoped he would go on a mission.

MommyJ said...

Okay... I don't want to fast forward or anything, cause I know I'll love the years getting there, but this makes me so excited to have missionaries. :)

wendy said...

I loved the letters and emails I got from when my boys were on missions. They are so great to read. Isn't it fun how even though they are involved in a "serious" work, they can still be such hams.

tammy said...

I can see why it's one of your favorites. Wish I had a daughter he could date when he got back.