Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

What a month! Really. I'm tired and hoping that tomorrow, October 1, brings something a little better than September did. September totally blew.

So I keep having some increasing trouble with my leg. I went back into the doctor and he ran a bunch of more tests, consulted some other doctors and came back with a discouraging diagnosis.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

He has referred me to a pain clinic that specializes in this rare disorder. I go see them tomorrow. Based on my phone call with them, I am not holding out hope. Could be just a bad first impression. If they end up taking care of me, I'll shout them out and I'll have a heckuva Thankful Thursday post, if not, I guess I'll keep looking for help.

For now, since my foot turns colors and my leg goes numb and hurts whenever I stand up, I am pretty much horizontal most of the time. That sucks.

My hip, which should be to the point of now being able to take some weight bearing is nowhere close. In fact, my leg hurts now as much as it did right after the race. Even just changing positions in the bed.

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of trying to digest the diagnosis and mostly tired of not understanding what this means for me. Answers tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed. Okay, enough whining.

On the bright side? I've had lots of very thoughtful prizes, calls, texts, and kind words from so many great friends. I am beyond blessed with fantastic people who are all around me.

I have a fantastic boss and am employed by a great company that is working with me to let me keep working and staying on top of all my day to day stuff. It keeps me busy and helps me feel useful. TR you frickin rock! I know Paul will see this and pass on my love for you!

Can I tell you how much I love fall TV?? SYTYCD - Biggest Loser - The Office - oh baby, they are fun, fun FUN!

Splenda's Mom is moving this weekend. She has lived in her home for 40 + years. It's the only home Splenda remembers. It's bittersweet. We'll all be there this weekend for one last gathering as everyone hauls her boxes to the truck. I will gladly direct traffic with my ever present crutch and shed the tears that Splenda will want to, but won't let himself.

In case you didn't know it, Olive Garden has their never ending pasta deal going right now. Does it get any better? Nay, it.does.not. Mmmmm.....breasticks......Your welcome.

It's UEA weekend here in UT. No school for Thursday and Friday. I remember as a kid, this is when we went deer hunting. Now, I don't even know if it's deer hunting season or not. Seems kinda early. For the record, my Dad never got a deer. I'm not sure he could have actually shot one if he had the chance. I DO remember being shot AT! Good.times.

And finally, I am SO excited for conference this weekend. Every time it comes around, I think, "Oh now more than ever, we need to hear the prophet". But this time, I REALLY feel it.

Peace out, and don't forget....fingers crossed tomorrow.


Kristina P. said...

I really do hope and pray your leg gets better.

Have you always done the Wednesday Wrandom Wramblings?

I had a post a couple of week ago that I titled Wednesday Wramblings, and I thought I was being all clever. Of course you are more clever than I am, and maybe I was subconsciously channeling you!

Teri said...

Wowsie!! Know you are in our prayers and thoughts!! And we are sending you much love, healing, gentle thoughts and calmness.

Vanessa said...

Fingers are triple crossed. Hope they can help you out.

Some OG breadsticks sound DELISH right about now!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I am sending all the prayers and love your way that I can... and eat some of that great pasta for me!

wonder woman said...

Wake me up when September ends, eh?

A diagnosis like that would be frustrating for me, too. I obviously know nothing about it, but the word "pain" in a diagnosis would be discouraging. Like the pain is the problem, not some actual issue.

I don't think I'm making any sense.

Good luck. Seriously. I hope things go well tomorrow -- or at least that you have a good direction to go in.

Chief said...

There is a bit of excitement in the air. Conference, no school (we are not a part of UEA cuz we are charter but we have Fri and Mon off)...there is a bit of a fall chill. I love the seasons!

Heather said...

Boo. So sorry to hear that the leg is giving you so much trouble. It must be very discouraging, but you seem to be keeping your clever, fun, caring attitude throughout. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and I hope you finally get some answers and can take more steps toward healing.

tammy said...

Crossing more than just my fingers.
Hope they can help you.

I cried when my dad and his siblings had to sell my G-ma's house. It caught on fire soon after and I swear it was my G-ma coming back from the grave because she didn't want anyone else living in it. It's hard to see things change, especially when they involve such great memories. I'm sure I will be sad when my parents sell my childhood home too.

Sarah said...

I completely understand the "we don't have a diagnosis" issue, and I hope you at least have an answer soon. Thank you so much for all your comments to me this week, if it werent for you I probably wouldn't have gone back to the doctor, so thanks! I love fall TV too, Some of the new shows are AWESOME! Plus there are all my old favorites, gotta love it. My hubby and I are convinced that Olive Garden is a "chick restaurant", every guy I know hates it and every woman I know loves it.

Kado! said...

sorry you are in so much dang pain!

love the OG bread sticks....haven't had them in 10+ years...but i bet they are still just as good! ;)

lol...your secret is safe with me...I know why you guys love conference weekend so from your own couch! doesn't get much better than that! ;)

Plain Jame said...

I bet they'll help ya out lots. Give em a shot. Your leg is prolly just used to so much circulation and exercising it doesn't know what to do with itself. I hope you're a million times better soon.

I went to the new Olive Garden at the district with husband on saturday. It was sooooo good. (southtowne one SUCKS A.) I got their lowcal apricot chicken dish and it was heaven. That place was so frickn packed though and you know me and my crowd anxiety. ICKY.

I'm so excited for confrince. Oh and I'm glad your dad never caught a deer. I love animals too much to think of them being murdered!
(but I still eat them, I just cant hear about the massacre part).

Cherie said...

I am SO very sorry you leg is giving you such problems. It is totally not fair in my opinion. Here you are in great shape and do all these fantastic physical things and you leg turns on you - ungrateful limb!!!!!!

Here's to Pasta and Conference!! Hope they both make you happy :D

tiburon said...

CRPS sucks ass.