Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beautiful Home for Sale - I need good neighbors!

Okay, I looked out the window a couple of days ago, and even though I knew this was coming, I still cried a little when I saw the For Sale sign.

You gotta understand something. DD and her family were here before we ever moved into the neighborhood. She was one of the first ones to welcome us by bringing a treat. And she had been badly burned by a gasoline fire, but still managed to bake something up and walk to our home.

We've been playing Bonco (or rather), having dinner once a month for the past 17 years.

She has hosted a wedding shower and baby shower for my kids, and several others for other friends.

She made my sons wedding cake amongst a gazillion of other things that she helped with on that project.

She regularly sends clothes down for Sissy.

She got me into the Festival of Trees and introduced me to the spirit that exists there.

She is not afraid to tell me when I am out of line. I know right where I stand with her.

She once got down on her knees in my dirty flower bed and planted flowers for me so that when I woke up in the morning and left the house, I could see them and the love note she left on the door.

I will love her to the day I die.

She is leaving me.

They've stayed their time here, they know it's their season to move on. I get that, and I wish them well, and I know that we will still be getting together regularly but here is the kicker.


No, no, I don't expect anyone to live up to DD's status, it would be, quite frankly, impossible. But hey, could we get someone that will be friendly, keep up the house and oh, I don't know, MOW ONCE IN AWHILE!!!??? Really? Is that too much to ask? They keep their house and yard immaculate and I would sure love to keep things that way. Ya know?

So I'm posting a few pictures to pique(?) your interest and if you click RIGHT HERE, it will lead you to her blog with all the wonderful details.

For the love of all that's holy friends, can ya help a girl out? I do know a few of you out there have considered moving back to UT (rf), here's your chance! You won't get a better neighbor than me!!

PS - I was hoping to host Luke's homecoming get together there so consider that part of the bargain : )


Kristina P. said...

I will send my naked neighbors your way.

Devri said...

Do they take monopoly as a payment... no.? well, i am out then!

tammy said...

I hate it when people leave me.

Pedaling said...

you have truly been blessed.
sending good vibes your way!

Shawn said...

You would enjoy me as a neighbor---I would keep you entertained at ALL hours of the night, have wild parties, and then never mow the lawn or plant flowers.....

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Kado! said...

If I ever was forced to move to Utah....that would be exactly where I would want to live...but so far I have not gotten the memo about all the righteous ones needing to make their way to I'll stay here in NY for a while...come on you didn't laugh when I called myself a righteous one...did you!!?? ;)