Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

June 30: take a digger

1. Commonly used to describe an ungraceful fall.
2. Fall forward or trip and land on one's face
Derived from the volleyball slang- a Digshot is a desperation diving hit that results in a faceful of sand.

I wasn't paying attention and I took a digger when I tripped on the crack in the pavement. I can't believe I fell flat on my face.

**And now there is an official name for what I do on a daily basis. I'm always taking a digger.**


Scrappy Girl said...

I haven't taken a digger for awhile...I am sure I am due for one.

Plain Jame said...

My old roommates and I used to call pooping "taking a dig" - so I laughed right out loud with this one...

rychelle said...

omg! i do that on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

We've been using this for Aiden's nick name this summer!