Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Subject: Ping pong and a spoon full of Chile....


Hey mom and dad, how are things going?? All good here in in the mish! This week was really good. It went by really fast, but it was really good. I liked the pics, it looks like things really went good for you guys back home with the iHome and with the race. I am glad that you guys are having success up there haha. I am sure that you guys are probably wondering how the ping pong tourny went huh? Alright well here is the story.
We were 6 of us that were in the tourny, and they were all from my Distirct. They came over and we all made Completos (which is a hot dog with avocado and tomatoes). So at frist we just were all kinda playing around kicking back and for the ball just having a good time, when one of our Zone Leaders decides to make......a bet. The deal was that the losers of the tourny would have to eat, a spoon full of Chile. Okay, just so you know and to clarify, Chile, is a real pepper that they eat here, and sometimes they make it into a sauce which is called Ahí. A spoon full, is a lot and it is very very hot. So being the great missionaries that we are, we do it haha.
Rules are there are no rules, and its doble elimination.....the loser.....with have to pay along with the bathroom (I mean diharea). Aight, so we get going in the tourny and I was the first up to play an Elder Reeder from Arizona. I win and I am sitting good. The game goes on and three games lost by Elders saying prayers so they dont have to eat Chile. Until....decide to make the game a little more intense. There are 3 losers and 3 winners, so 3 people that are going to eat Chile. To make things short, who ever loses, loses and whoever wins, wins. Even though I had won, if I lose a game, I eat. Kinda dumb, but aight ill do it. Well to make a long stroy short.....I ......lost. And yes, I did eat a spoon full of Chile, yes it was hot, and YES I did get a pic. All in all the tourny was good. My stomach wasnt in the best condition after that, but after one day and one bad trip to the bathroom, I was good.
Also, we should be having a baptism next week of a kid named Felipe. He is way cool and it is way awesome that he is going to be baptzed. He was a reference of a members, so obisioly shows the best way to work in the mish, with the members. There are a couple people that we got here and I am going to have to give you an update this next week to let you know how things are going there. This next week we have a Zone Conference so that should be really good. I love going to them cause we always learn lots. Also, I am going to be able to see my friend Elder Poo hole. He wrote me and told me to tell you guys hi, and, is still in Radimadi.... Oh, that remids me. There was a sister here that saw the pic that I had with us as a family and she told me to tell you guys that we have a beautiful family. I promised that I would tell you guys that. Her name is Sister Muñoz.
Anyway that is about it. Thanks you guys for the letters and the pics. I love hearing from you guys. At this point I dont need anything from home I am good to go. I love you guys and miss ya a lot!!

Elder Catmull


tammy said...

Elder Poo Hole??

Don't think I'll be trying a spoonful of chile anytime soon.

Jan the crazy lady said...

So funny. That table is cracking me up. You have to really shorten your ping stride on that baby. I thought Elders were suppose to strengthen their stride. Hee hee.

That was cheesy. Sorry.

Cadance said...

that is a funny story!....and TINY table!

Plain Jame said...

He's got your humor - what a good seed!

Brittany Marie said...


Que and I recently went to a mission reunion of his and they talked about when they built couches out of their MTC mattresses.

I don't know either.

tiburon said...

That is the tiniest ping pong table ever.

6 more months!!!!

Martha H. said...

That ping pong table is killing me. Elders will come up with all kinds of ways to keep entertained. Hilarious!

Shawn said...

Interesting choice of a table---heh, heh!

By the by---my niece married a Catmull---any relation? Hmmmm.