Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Hey mom and dad, how are things going back home?? All things going good here in the mish!!! Oh and……HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!! It does suck that we don’t get the same rights to call home Fathers Day, but hey what can you do? I totally would have sent you something home Dad but, I didn’t want to send another package home and have it get stolen… Sorry. What are you guys going to do? I guess it would be good to keep up the tradition and go out to eat somehwere good!!
This week went flying by really really fast. It is getting even colder (if you could imagen) and we are not even at the peak of Winter. I have a good feeling that this Winter is going to be a cold one…And I guess that it will be the last one too here in Chile… I did complete 18 months in the mish yesterday. Wow, I am not sure where the time is going, but its going.
Things didn’t go the best with Filpe. The thing is… he wants to be baptized, and loves the church. He even goes to seminary. The problem is… he still doesn’t have a testimony. We don’t want to baptize him if he doesn’t have a testimony so we are going to wait. The good thing is, the other day, we had a great lesson with him. He was committed to read and pray. Yesterday we called him up to see if he read and prayed. We didn’t have a lot of money to put in the pay phone but he told us that he read and pray and felt something weird, but it was great and he feels good. That is about all we heard until today!!! If he got his testimony, he will be baptized this next Saturday. Pray hard for him. If he gets baptized…he will want to go on a mission!!
Hmmm…. To answer your question dad about the dirt bike, I wasn’t really a fan of riding that one. So I am totally fine with you selling it. Another 4 wheeler would be great!! That I am sure would be better so the whole family could use. Also parents, you guys can look up an article… His name is Cristian and he was a runner here in Chile and now is being sentenced for murder. He lived in our sector and yesterday we were talking with his wife. She seems to be handling it well. He was accused of murdering a girl. Cristian was really famous and a great runner!
Mom, good news on the glasses thing! I am sure that will be a lot better and a relief to never use glasses. And would it even save you money? Oh mom, also….. this facebook update things, is for you, I am going to translate it. It is from a Sister here in our ward:
“hola hna soy la hna muñoz de osorno chile aca esta su hjo el cual conosco muy bien el es un muy buen niño esta haciendo bien su trabajo se q el padre le esta bendiciendo en cada momento el me dio ste correo q me dijo q podiamos hablar le quiero mucho ah su hijo es como si fuera mi hijo espero q podamos hablar algun dia con cariño hna jacquelines muñoz del bario francke”
Hey sister I am Sister Moñoz from Osorno, Chile. Here is your son, in which I know really well. He is a very good son doing really good his work. I know our Father is blessing him in every moment. He gave me this email and told me that we could talk. I like your son a lot, its like if he were my son. I hope that we can talk some day. Sincerely Sister Jacquelines Muñoz from Francke Ward.
Mom if you want to, you can write her back in Spanish. Use Word to do it, or a translator. She really is great!
Well that is about it. Have a great week, love you guys and miss ya tons!!!
Elder Catmull

**He didn't send any pictures this time, so the one posted is an old one......


tammy said...

Love the updates.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Cute pic! My son sent one very much like it, leaning on a wall that has words on it. I'll have to post it. But I did post a letter and pictures from him this morning.
P.S. Has your son lost a ton of weight like mine has? I'm starting to get worried about it.
Have a good day my friend, and I hope all went well with the eye surgery yesterday.

Plain Jame said...

He's such a good kid!!