Monday, June 29, 2009

A fun, fun weekend!

If I haven't mentioned it before, we get to have little Sissy come play every weekend. Her Mom drops her off at about 4:30 on Friday's and then picks her up Sunday nights around 10:15. Her Daddy will spend time with her too, but since it's hard for her to sleep at his place, she stays at ours. She has her own room, her own toys, clothes, everything she needs.

This weekend was particularly fun.
Friday started with a fourwheeler ride.
Picture this:
Big Blue Honda 4 wheeler. First Tuffy takes her around the neighborhood, then it's my turn. She LOVES it! She likes going fast, pointing out all the things along the way, and feeling the wind in her hair. Yeah, I know, I will be purchasing her own little helmet this weekend. Don't judge me. We don't go too fast.
After our ride, and she protests going in the house, I set the keys on the end table in the living room and go about some other sort of business.

Later when it's time to move the 4 wheeler inside, no key. WTC? I set it RIGHT.THERE. We search the entire house. Garbage's, every room, every crevice. The only explanation is that Sissy took it and set it somewhere. It's gotta be in the house, but where?
Two days later, Sugar Daddy finds it in the spice drawer. Sissy had so very thoughtfully put the keys away there. What a sweet girl.

Saturday was Sugar Daddy's Mom's birthday. We met some other family members at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for a tour.
Picture this:
Hot, middle of the day, impatient Sissy and lines of people. Very organized and very well done, but hey, a 2 year old isn't interested in being reverent. She was the spirit killer for the afternoon. She enjoyed the stairs, and the "horses and cows" she saw inside the temple. We just tried to keep her from running beyond our reach. It really is beautiful inside. At least the glimpses I caught. I'm still glad we went, and I'm glad we took her. I can tell she is learning something from nursery, since she already could identify and call it the temple before we ever said anything. And the cookies at the end? Well, 'nuff said.

Saturday night was the ward barbecue. It was held up at The Spruces campground in Big Cottonwood canyon.
Picture this:
Beautiful trees, mountain air, and a small stream running through our reserved area. It was shallow enough that Sissy could get right up to it, put her hands in and play and throw rocks and pine cones into it to her heart's content.
She spent the majority of the time running from the pine tree to get the cones on the ground back to the water to throw them in. She also saw squirrels up close which was a thrill for her. All I could think of was DISEASE!
It was a potluck dinner, and someone had brought a watermelon. No knife except for a paring knife someone happened to have on them. While it was my turn to watch her, I got involved in a conversation and the next thing I hear is: "Uh John, would you mind just taking that knife away from her?". YUP! Being the good babysitter I am, she had totally gone to the watermelon and on her cute little tippy toes was going to slice her some!
Later, while it was Sugar Daddy's turn to watch her, she totally tripped and biffed it on the cement pad by the fire pit.
At this point, we figured it would be wise to go while we were still relatively injury free.
Sissy LOVED the mountains. I can not WAIT to get her up to the cabin. Last summer she was too young to appreciate and enjoy it. This year will be a blast.

Sunday we got together with Sugar Daddy's family to celebrate Mom's BD.
Picture this:
Perfect summer evening, out in his sister's backyard which is right by the Oquirrh Mountain temple and enjoyed an unimpeded view of it's glory. Family, enjoying visiting, strawberry shortcake and ice cream. Sissy playing with her cousins and running like a banshee. Good.times.

And...... that is how we spent a wonderful weekend. Wish I wasn't such a loser klutz and broke my camera so I could have some pictures. I might have to do a disposable until I get my baby back.......


tammy said...

I imagined everything in my head and it all looked really good.

tammy said...
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SO said...

It sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend! Glad you found the key to the four wheeler!

Sue said...

What a fun grandma you are..Sissy is lucky to have you.

Don't you hate it when we miss opportunities for those great pictures. Oh well.

Martha H. said...

I'm pretty good at picturing things in my mind, but real pics would've been nice. Do you need to borrow someone's camera? ha ha ha

Sounds like a good time.

Vanessa said...

Do they even still make film for cameras? You should try and hunt down a polaroid. That would be so retro :)

rychelle said...

i loved picturing your fun, fun weekend!

Jan said...

So funny M. I love the picture this. I think you are better than a camera in capturing the picture :)

Kado! said...

Who needs a camera when you write as well as you do!! It was very descriptive and I felt like I was there with ya! Sounds like a fun weekend!!

tiburon said...

DUDE! Way awesome weekend.

I love the pictures too! Sissy is so cute on that four-wheeler!

Omgirl said...

What an awesome thing that you get to do all that fun bonding with your baby girl every weekend. If it isn't too hard to deal with a toddler, then it's probably a great experience for you that most grandmas don't get.