Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling's

It's been a while since I just rambled......surprising since it's what I seem to do best.

It's half way through June. Where the crap is time going? Really?! You realize that July is just around the corner. Elder L has been out 18 months on Friday. In some ways, it seems like it has just draaaaaagggggged. And in others, it has sped by.

Father's day is Sunday. I keep asking Splenda what he wants. Nothing. Nothing! I have no great ideas, no money and no creativity. I also have to speak in church. It wouldn't be so bad except that I have already spoken on Father's day before. What's left to say? Still thinking that one through.....

This weekend is the Ragner Relay. It will be my first time doing this fun event and I don't know anyone on my team. Except Sher. She's the one who wrangled, okay nicely asked me, into this thing. I am nervous. Not for the running part, I can do that, but the unexpected. I've been given great tutorials from Becca and Laurie, but I still am very unsure of how it's all going to go down. Thank goodness we are getting together tomorrow night for a pre-race dinner. I can then meet the 11 other people I will be spending 24 or so hours with.

I love summer for the fruits and veggies in season. As I type I am downing cherries. At only 4 calories a piece, you can eat until your tummy hurts with no caloric damage done. And don't even get me started with corn on the cob. There is a stand in WV called Brachs, that I SWEAR has the best corn ever. Hands down. I've never tasted anything like it and believe you me, I try lots because everyone swears this kind or that kind is the best. Nope. Only Brachs! I joke that their farm workers that pee in the fields while picking must all have diabetes, and that is why the corn is so sweet!

I'm going this afternoon for a second consultation for Lasik surgery. I went to one center on Monday, and while they were fine, I wasn't overly impressed. The doc had no personality and not one of their staff ever laughed at any of my humorous remarks. Lame. Today is another center that I have been researching and will likely go with them. We'll see (pun intended). I am just anxious to get it done and get rid of these glasses. Very hard to do all the things I love to do with them. Wish me luck. At least, I am told I am an excellent candidate. Love to hear that!

My freakshow dog keeps escaping. We've gotten the fence fixed so he can't break the boards and get out that way, but he has figured out how to open the doors with his mouth and turn the knobs. If he had opposable thumbs, he could even do the dead bolts I am sure! Seriously, he needs a farm to run loose on and chase animals. What is funny, he runs the neighborhood, then comes home and sits on the porch or lays on the front lawn until someone returns to let him in. Crazy - cuckoo dog!

I wish I was going with the Shark to Sonoma and riding he JDRF ride. 'Nuff said. You could pop over and give her some encouragement, she's got a long ride ahead of her.

Who cares if Obama slapped a fly dead on his hand? Fine, he picked it up as he was leaving. But I didn't see anyone hand him a wipee or that he washed his hands. Dead fly guts. Ewwwwwww..... And yet, ANOTHER reason why I don't care for him.

That's it. That's all I got. Now to work. Testing, testing and more testing for an upgrade next month. I know, your jealous....get over it.

Peace Out!


tiburon said...

I like it when you get all random on me.

And thanks for the reminder on the ride. I had completely forgotten how far it was.... ;)

LaurieJ said...

I have done this race many times and am still freaking out this week so you are not alone! Good luck! You will do great...

Umm..I don't think I will think of sweet corn on the cob the same. Ever again :-)

Plain Jame said...

When I went into the MTC I had someone tell me "the days may feel like weeks, but the weeks will feel like days". Aint it the truth!!

I may have to go find that Corn stand you speak of - I am a sucker for a some great 'carn'.

Bug guts EEEEEEEEEEEEEW. Lets think of that metaphorically shall we?

Becca said...

Butterflies about WBR.
Jealous about Lasix.
Not jealous about speaking Sunday. I had to do that once. I still have the outline of my talk if you want me to send it your way just holler!
Sweet corn--YUM and YUCK all at once!

Sher said...

Soooo excited for Wasatch Back! It's going to rock! I have to admit though, I was telling C that I'm feeling a little more in the dark this year, compared to last. I don't even know what time of day I'll be running my legs. Maybe Laurie emailed it and I didn't pay attention.
I'm sure she'll have the whole breakdown at the BBQ.

And yeah for Lasik! it's the best $2500 I ever spent. I went to Mt. Ogden. Dr. Sykes did mine and C's eyes. It's so wonderful! Congrats and good luck!

See ya tomorrow night!!!!

rychelle said...

father's day is hard. my dad always says "nothing" when i ask him what he wants too.

Kristina P. said...

You will do a great job this weekend!

tammy said...

I love random.

And fresh fruits & veggies. When I was there I snagged a huge bag of peas at Cy's in Sandy and we ate them all before I left. Yum! Nothing like UT peas.

Cadance said...

Love the fruits & veggies....only I ate SOOOO many cherries the other night that I was not feeling good.....I'll stop here.

....but I ate even more the next day!