Thursday, June 25, 2009

Announcing!! - Running Bloggers get together!!

Several months ago someone suggested we should do a blogger 5k. I've been thinking it over, and find it to be a grand idea. I can't remember who mentioned it so if that person would kindly step forward and take the credit, that would be great.

Now, finding one that might be central to running bloggers in Utah County as well as Weber/Davis county area. That leaves us in the Salt Lake valley. Location - check.

Now, I don't know about you, but I like to do races that are for some meaningful cause. Cancer research, Heart disease, Diabetes research etc... I remembered one that we did last year that was not only for a fantastic cause, but was so much fun because of the atmosphere. Go peruse the web site here. They are a great organization that I feel good about giving my dollars too. Charitable cause - check

Now, we have to do a fun one, right? Serious for those that want to be serious, fun for those that just want the social and exercise experience. Read here to get the deets. Race - check

What's left? Just to commit to doing it! The above link will allow you to register or, this is the email that I received:
Hello Runners!
Our favorite charity 5K benefiting the Children's Justice Center is coming up! The date for this years event will be August 15, 2009. We will again have BACA and the Red Hat Society on hand to kick off the 5K and the kids Teddybear 1K. There will be free teddybears for all kids completing the 1k and some great prizes and awards for the 5K. Register now on, stop by Wasatch Running Center in Sandy, or visit our website at to sign up today!

So, here's the deal. If you want to participate with me and you're not a freaky freak stalker of some sort that can be trusted, email me at melissadotcatmullatyahoodotcom.
We'll talk more in detail that way.

Would love to have you! Annnnndddd, there are some fantastic places for breakfast nearby to replenish after our big race. Just sayin.......


Pedaling said...

i'm in for the breakfast for sure!

don't consider myself a runner, really, but i can handle a 5k easily enough.
i'm in.

and yes on the bike ride! throw out a couple days and times that work for you and i will make it happen!

LaurieJ said...

Perfect excuse to get me out of the last day of youth conference

I would love to make it. Will have to check our schedule.

PS- I love that you have crossed the dark side with us and seem a bit obsessed with the WBR. It's so fun over here :-)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Ok, this falls the weekend between my family reunion and girl's camp...
Does it make me a freaky-freak blog stalker to want to come from n. Idaho and do the 5k (even though I run super-slow), and especially to be able to meet my fav blogger bud? It's just a thought - probably won't happen, but it would be super fun!

Becca said...

I'm with Laurie--except for the part about youth conference--I'm not going there. It all depends on what the marathon training schedule holds for that day. But I am interested...and does cyber stalking count?