Monday, June 1, 2009

Missionary Monday - update

Hey guys, hows it going? Good to hear from ya this week and it sounds like everything is going good down there in the Catmull residence. I loved the pictures that you guys sent me! I just have one question for you guys. Where on earth did you guys get that TV in your room? I am pretty sure that is new.....haha. I guess some things have changed up there.
This week was really good. Very very cold!! I would actually perfer that it rain, then have the sun out. Cause when it rains it is not as cold.....actually the weather is just chile..... but when the sun is out....WOW very very cold. I am working with lots of cloths on and I sleep with tons of blanckets! My comp got the package!!! That was really great, he loved it and ate all of the beef jerky in like 2 days. I ended almost all of the stuff in the package that was sent to me haha. I was really hungry and was missing some treats like that. I also gave some stuff to other Elders and to some other members here in my sector. They loved them. One of the popular ones was the Sour Patch Kids.
Chloee is really getting big I am not going to lie. It looks like in another 6 months she will be talking even more....and getting into trouble. But I am sure that you guys will be better parents than some that are here in Chile.....I have gotten used to see some other kids about that age that wow....needs to put some cloths on....
How is the spanish coming along Dad? Looks like you got just over 6 months to pound some spanish in until the vacation to Cancun. I am not going to lie to you guys I am really excited for that! I dont really remember that much when we went there a long time ago. I just have a bad memory of the burn on my leg and that is about it haha. This time.....will be awesome! If you guys want also......maybe in a couple years later.....a trip to Chile. There is a lot of stuff to do down here and it is really cheap! There is great stuff to see and very beatiful. I know that you guys would love it. But just a thought.
I did hear about the earthquake in Honduras. I am not sure what part of Honduras it was....but Elder Poujol lives in the capital so I am not sure if it is anywhere near his house. My companion lives in another part of Honduras so he is not worried about that...Oh and new update!! They do have a candy called Rolls. It is chocolate balls with peanuts in the middle. Oh my word the most incredible thing I have tasted. It is just like resess!!
Mom good work on the bike rides. I really am impressing. When I think about riding the bike for 50 miles or 100 mile run, I actually make myself tired just thinking about that. The only running that I am getting in here is when we are late for an appointment and we run hahaha.
This Wednesday there are transfers. I dont know what will happen but I am up for whatever will go down. I do have an idea though....I am thinking that my companion will be going to another sector....but whatever haha. That is about it for this week! I loved hearing from you guys and I hope that you guys have a great week! Love you guys and miss ya.

Elder Catmull


What is going on man? How is it going? Dont worry about the whole writing thing I know this Pday thing is different. Its all good. Honestly dude I cant believe that you are going to be a senior. That is wierd and that you will be turing 18 years old this Sep.....WOW. That is cool though, you will get more prevliges. Time is still flying by.....coming up on the year and a half mark and it is pretty nutz... All of my dreams that I have are in spanish and this past week have been about video games. It is really wierd....Halo....WOW.....and Starcraft. I am pretty excited to get back in to playing some good old XBOX. Do you have your own HDTV or are you using the TV that is in the living room downstairs? Mom tells me that you got some make up packets to do? I KNOW HOW THAT IS DUDE. It sucks but its what there is.... Anyway dude, good to hear from ya, have a good week man!

Elder Catmull

Sounds like I need to send more beef jerky and Sour Patch Kids : )


tiburon said...

Dude. He says "dude" a lot.


That is funny that he is dreaming in spanish - they say that is when you have a firm grasp of the language...

tammy said...

That first pic looks like they just decided to add stairs and cut a hole in the ceiling. Funny.

How many more days mom?

Devri said...

I love your missionary updates.. thanks!

Plain Jame said...

I love that - I remember sending my sisters boyfriend on his mission in bolivia sour patch kids and he said that they were a huge hit and to keep sending them. That was in the 80's, and now he's my brotherinlaw.... go figure.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Great letters! My son just sent a CD with pictures! I haven't seen any since January! I guess they were in a bad area and no one had a way for him to download them so he could email them. Or maybe he was just too busy. Either way, I sure am glad to get them, and I will be posting lots of them!
(And congrats on the bike ride. Cool!)

Erin said...

What a cute son you have!

Cadance said...

=) I just got done eating a bag of Sour Patch Kids...they are YUMMY!

....What a great son you got there! and again how fun is that stair case he has in his Apt.! I hope it rains where he is it is not so hot...that must be uncomfortable!