Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hoopes - there it is! Lasik surgery - SUCCESS!!

Okay kids, settle in for a little bit of Hoopes Vision Center worshipping.

Actually, let's call it this: Hoopes-Vision-Center-that-uses-their-remarkable-God-given-talents-to-work-wonders-and-miracles-but-that-we-all-know-where-the-real-credit-lies worshipping. I like that better.

I was so excited for my Lasik surgery that I could barely sleep Sunday night. I went into my work Monday morning for a few hours to get some things done and squared around. Now I couldn't wear lotion, perfume, hairspray or hair products, or make-up.

I got all my Rx's picked up, Tuffy came home from school and off we toddled to here.

They really are first class. Every single staff member there makes eye contact and smiles as they pass by or interact with you. I heart them all.

I was taken back to the pre-op area. Vital signs checked and given the blessed Valium. Aaaaahhhh, Valium. Who doesn't love a good relaxant?

Another quick eye check while the drugs kick in. Meet Dr Hoopes Sr, review what is going to happen and what to expect.

Next was getting my eyes prepped. Tuffy thought I looked like the Joker's uglier cousin. I take that as a compliment.

Then the first step. Create the flap. I lay down on a bed, eyes propped open, laser aligned and talked all the way through it. It takes just moments. The flap has been created with tiny gas bubbles.

These gas bubbles need some time to work their magic so I am led to a chair, set down and instructed to keep my eyes closed. Tuffy is sitting next to me and all of a sudden, the chair begins massaging me. MASSAGING ME PEOPLE!!! Not a lame chair massager like you buy at the Target or Wally's but a massaging chair like I've never experienced. Oh the relaxation that was mine.

Tuffy and I are talking, he's laughing at watching my body go up and down while the chair works it's magic and then, what do we hear? Or rather, Tuffy sees, I hear? The cookie lady! "Would you like a warm, fresh baked cookie?" Um, schmell yeah! Aaaaahhhh hot, gooey cookie; entire body massage and I am literally in heaven.

Time for the next step. The flaps are good to go, I am led to the next laser table. This is where the actual vision correction happens. Let me just say......IT WAS COOL! For reals!! I looked at a blinking green light, listened to them tell me what was going on, and while my eyes were open and technically I could "see" what was going on, I really didn't. I just watched the red lights and the blinking green light and held still. I even liked it when I could smell the burning of the laser!

All done. That's it. Your finished.Led back to another chair for post op. Sitting and resting my eyes. Trying to tell Tuffy how cool it was, he is clearly not wanting to hear every little detail but he's stuck with me. Luckily, the cookie lady came by again! YESSSSSS, another cookie to top off my experience.

One more quick check, instructions for the rest of the day, the rest of the week and for the next month are given to me as well as an awesome mug full of treat prizesCool sunglasses now perched on my face and home to apply eye shields and sleep.

Before I really settled in for a nice nap, my BFF SIL came by with more prizes for me
The day just keeps getting better and better.

Once I woke up, it was amazing. I could see! I could really see!! I am beyond pleased. Granted at this point, things are a bit foggy, but that's normal

The next morning I went in for my first post-op appointment. I am seeing 20/25. I want to cry with happiness! To wake up in the middle of the night and see to put the dogs out or go potty, to see the alarm clock, to see my legs to shave in the shower, to see to do my hair unimpeded with glasses is a blessing I don't have words for.

It's now been a couple of days, and I am still doing artificial tears every hour, and some other drops every four hours, but I am back to work, back to the gym, riding my bike and doing my life like normal. The only thing I can't do is wear makeup until Friday and then the pool in two more weeks. Oh, and I have to sleep in the super hot eye shields for a week, but 'sokay.

I did what is called Monovision. They corrected my right eye for distance, and then slightly under corrected my left eye for reading. The theory is the brain and eye muscles work it out. So far, so good. Too much computer time or reading tires them, and I have to close and rest them, but all in all, I am immensely pleased!

If you are thinking about it, pull the trigger. It will be the best decision of your life. If you live anywhere near the Wasatch front, go see Hoopes. I shopped around, I researched, I even had a consultation somewhere else. These guys won my dollars. Rather, they won Splenda's dollars. I have nothing but good to say about them, about their service and their staff.

And a HUGE thank you to my Splenda Daddy. In fact, I have been given instructions that I cannot call him Splenda Daddy for one month. He is my full on, real deal, Sugar Daddy!

I wanted to post the video, but can't figure it out. And quite frankly, it's really not for viewing pleasure. NGL - it even grossed me out...but!

YAY for no glasses! YAY for no contacts! YAY for perfect vision! And, YAY for Hoopes Vision Center.


Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad you didn't lose your eyes forever!

I need to look into this more. My eyes are HORRIBLE!

Jackie said...

Lasik is seriously the best thing that ever happened to me! I. LOVE. IT!

I'm pushing seven years and love it EVERY DAY!

Erin said...

How exciting for you! Your story makes me almost not too scared to look into doing it.

tiburon said...

I think those goggles are sexy

You should wear them to the gym.

I didn't read any of this post just so you know.

Jan the crazy lady said...

That is terrific news. That is so brave. Hope it all works out for you. I am glad to know about that procedure where you can still read. Let us know.

tammy said...

I'm thinking of doing it just for the massage and cookie.

Devri said...

Yay for you! love the goggles! and the orange eyes!

Just Breathe said...

How wonderful, glad it hear that everything went so well.

Omgirl said...

I am so intrigued by reading this. I want lasik so badly! But I'm not sure my eyes are stable enough. I've had them checked every 6 months for years and they are always changing. time for another visit! But you have convinced me to do it, should my eyes ever cooperate. In the meantime, it's coke bottles for me. :(

Becca said...

I am beyond jealous and only a little disappointed. I was really looking forward to the video. Yeah for you, I can only imagine the joy of waking up and seeing the alarm clock.

Martha H. said...

You are hotter than ever!

So happy to have you back at work today.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, I've heard from so many people how life changing it truly is!

rychelle said...


thank you for not posting graphic pictures of the procedure.

Vanessa said...

You are healed! It's a festivus miracle!

Elton is so glad he did regrets at our house!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Chad, (my missionary - and I LOVED your comments, thank you thank you my friend) wants to have this done. He's worn glasses since the first grade! I am so glad this went well for you!

Debbi said...

you are very brave
seeing is huge
I am so blind and it is getting worse
but I will neve rhave the nerve to do this

glittersmama said...

I plan to start my research as soon as we get into a house. I can't wait to not be blind anymore! I hope mine comes with a massage and a cookie too.