Friday, June 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday - a day late

I know, I know, today is Friday - I'm a day late and a dollar short. Story of my life. Get over it, I have.
Actually, I've been struggling to come up with a list that is new, fresh and exciting.
But nothing. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT an ingrate. Just was trying for something original.
But then this morning, I had an epiphany! Yes, that was the loud, thunderous noise you heard clear across the country. M-Cat had an epiphany!

It's okay to acknowledge the same things over and over again, because then I make sure not to take them for granted. What sparked this thought? Good friends. Good family.
And thus, here is my list for this week. Short and sweet.

Friends and Family

That Splenda of mine. I tell you, he's a keeper. I seem to spend an awful lot of time working out, training, and competing. Dude NEVER complains. At least out loud to me. He is so supportive, I just couldn't ask for a better hubby to cheer me on! Splenda - I hope I do you proud......

As I pulled into the gym parking lot this morning and headed for my usual spot, I saw Chad there in his usual spot waiting beside his truck. Wouldn't you know it, the dude had PRIZES for the Shark and I. See, we are doing this HUGE ride tomorrow and he wanted to give us some fuel and encouragementWhat was inside this delightful fun bag?He knows just the right things to send us on our way. I was so grateful, I might have hugged him and made him a tich uncomfortable.... but thanks Chadder! Thanks for the encouragement, coaching, and your endless supply of Chaditude.

Then after kickboxing this morning, Angela handed a little note to meokay, I don't know why that posted crooked, I swear it was right when I loaded it. But, if you crane your neck, you can read her words of encouragement and positive thoughts. We also got a lot of supportive comments from everyone else at the gym today.

Even though it seems highly repetitive to be grateful for the same things over and over again, I'm okay with it. I'm okay repeating myself, because they are worth repeating.

PS - Big thanks to the Shark who lets me lift her logo's.


Devri said...

that is a great bag of goods!

Plain Jame said...

Holy balls - I love presents, prizes and gifts!
Hey - you know what your friends and the kind of people you surround yourself with tells the world about you? You're an equal! You can always measure the soul of a person by what they say about their friends!
(*I'm in trouble then. heh.)

rychelle said...

best of luck tomorrow! you two are rock stars.

Becca said...

No worries about being repetitive--it still sounds sincere and rings true! Besides life's just repetitive and if you take the daily things for granted, then you won't be very happy! Good luck at the race--can't wait for the report!

Martha H. said...

I can't wait to read the blog about the 100 mile bike ride. I'm sure that you and the Shark will rock the entire ride, especially since Chad so graciously supplied you with some fuel.

Good luck tomorrow!!!! (I'll keep my fingers crossed that no crashing occurs.)

Anonymous said...

Not only did I hear the thunderous roar, it started raining! Huge drops. So you were to blame, huh?!

Fabulous list of grstitude and nice bag of goodies!

Omgirl said...

Wow, that Chad guy is awesome! Tell him I have a huge ton of laundry to fold tomorrow. I really need a care package. What's he got for that?

Cadance said...

I can NOT wait to see and hear all about the big event! Good Luck!!

tammy said...

Good luck today!!

I am thankful I'm home from UT and don't have to deal with dial-up anymore.

Shawn said...

I read more about it on Tiburon's blog---such a LONG way!! You guys are UNBELIEVEABLE!!

Words can not express how unworthy I feel right now....

Best of luck---can't wait to hear about it!

SO said...

Awesome Thankfulness!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Good luck on the ride!
And about the gratitude - I recently was spending too much time missing the people that I couldn't do anything about seeing, and not paying enough attention to those I love around me. It was making me miserable. So, I menatally gave myself a good kick in the butt, and decided that thankfulness for those around you and all the usual things really is a good thing! And yo just drove the point home again! Thanks friend!

Plain Jame said...

I couldn't wait for your post on your ride yesterday to congratulate you! You freakin rock woman! I LOVE that you just did that - and that you even crashed and dusted your awesome self off and rode so hard. A-freakin-mazing.
I bow to you two.