Friday, June 26, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

June 26: cha mon

A more animated way of proclaiming "c'mon" or "come on."

While playing poker and you need a high card: "I need this. Cha mon ACE!"

"cha mon let's go, we're late"; "cha mon, let's go get an milk shake"; "cha mon, you can do this, just keep pedaling."


Just Breathe said...

Okay, it's funny, I like it!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Cha mon now, that almost sounds regae.

rychelle said...

i think that phrase is said with a heavy spanish accent.

Plain Jame said...

I'm said chumon for like 18 years now.
another reason besides iceberg shakes that brings us togevah today.