Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

Facebook Alzheimer's

When you get a friend's request from someone that you have no idea where you know them from. The worst part is you have mutual friends from work and school! You post messages on each other's wall and they never know you have no clue as to how you know them.

Tom: who the heck is this requesting me as a friend?
Tom: I have no clue who this is.
Tom: Crap, I have a case of Facebook Alzheimer's

** I have over 200 "friends" on facebook. I'm dang sure I don't know who half of them really are!


Martha H. said...

I have a couple of "friends" on facebook that I have NO IDEA how I know them. They seem to know me and say that I look just like I did in school - uhhhhh... which school? I've been to many since my dad was in the military. Totally embarrassing.

Devri said...

rofl.. true dhat!

Jan the crazy lady said...

That is funny. I don't facebook much, so I am a little safer on this word.

Shawn said...

heh,heh...so true, so true.

Tink said...

Ha! I've had to go back and look them up in the yearbook and then it *clicks*; but I still have Alzheimer's on one. Even seeing her picture. I don't know why I've blocked this person out. Too funny! But we've certainly become great pals since we've been corresponding on FB.

Omgirl said...

I think I know who every single one of the people on my facebook are. But I'm pretty sure I also don't have 200! I'm just not that popular, I guess. Sniff.