Monday, June 8, 2009

Missionary Update


Hey great to hear from you guys again. This week went along pretty good. To cut right to the chase, there werent any changes here. I will be with my comp another 6 weeks here in this sector. I am cool with that, so there is no problem there!

I really like the emial that you guys sent me and the pics. Oh and to answer the question dad about the money thing. I had to take out more to buy some stuff that I needed cause my comp ran out of money and I had to pay for his stuff and mine, apart of that, I had to buy some stuff that I needed. All of the transactions look good. Today should be really cool though. I invited the Elders in my District to come over and cook hotdogs and play ping pong...(yes we do have a ping pong table hahaha). What we did is just got a cheap table that no one was using and now we are using it as a ping pong table haha. I will let you guys know how it went this next week.

There really is not a lot new going on here. Please tell the people who helped pay for my mission and billion thanks. I really do appreciate that! Also we are getting up on the 1 and a half mark...Wow, does it even seem like that? I dont think so at all. Mom good luck in the 100 mile run....just thinking about that makes me tired haha.

I love being a DL honestly. It is a great calling and I have a good chance to serve other missionaries! I am loving the mission still. Thanks you guys for all of the love and support that you guys give me. I love you and miss you!

Elder Catmull


What is going on dude? Sounds cool to me that you bought another drum set and that school is out! BUT that does suck man that you are going to have to do summer school. What happened with the pakcets? Or could you not get them done in time? Oh and are you still working at Maceys and are you going to get another job this summer or stick with that one? Things are going good here in the mish. Time is flying by huh? Dude, mom and dad sent me a pic of all of the cars that the blands have.....WOW it looks like a car dealership. Do you have your own car yet? I also dude, in our house now, we have a ping pong table, it is soooo tight haha. The other missionarys in my district and going to come over today and we are going to have a little tourny. Should be pretty sick. Anyway dude, keep up the good work. Keep it real. Mantenga lo real y espero de escucharle la proxima semana.

Elder Catmull


What is going on dude!!! Wow good to hear from ya, long time no talk. Or I guess not really since I got to talk to you Monthers Day. Anyway dude, how are things going? Dude, my parents took a pic of all of the cars that your family has and WOW looks like a car dealership there haha. I saw your car and it is pretty sick. How much did you buy it for? And how long will you be paying it off for? Things are going good here in the mish, and I am not going to lie to you, some of the brown girls really are starting to look good. But only some of them cause there are some that have mustaches and sideburns and it is kinda gross. How is work going? Work is going good and time is flying by. I cant believe that I only have 6 months left in the mish. That is nothing at all. I am trying to get everything out of it as much as i can cause I dont have much time left. And to answer your question. Really the thing I love most about the mission, is watching people change their lives....the thing that I hate most about the mission.....would have to be how the people dont even want to give the chances and start to talk crap on the mormons. I hate that but oh well what can you do. Okey, mantenga lo real porque tu eres mi amigo. Manda saludos a las wuachas por alla en la casa. Cuidate mucho negro

Elder Catmull

**Not sure how I feel about the picture of "pooping" sugar babies, but I am glad to see he is the same old kid with a sick sense of humor. That's my boy!!


Devri said...

oh boy! some things that happen on the mission should be kept to themselves! jk that was funny!

Fun that they are using a homemade pingpong table.. I wish I could send them some money, so they don't have to eat hotdogs though..yuck!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Okay Melissa. He is your son. That is the sugar baby Melissa sign for sure. What a great kid.

Plain Jame said...

Oh thats pure classic elderisms right there with the sugar babies. He is such a good kid, but you already know that!

tammy said...

So glad he's loving his mission.

Cadance said...

I was gonna ask what was up with that last picture...but you answered my ?!

Looks like he is having a good time!

Sue said...

What a cute missionary!! luv the sugar babies.. He's just keepin it real.

We were in San Fran. last week, and on our flight home there were 3 missionaries coming home from Malaysia Singapore. I couldn't wait to talk to them about their missions.(Icrave missionaries)

What a blessing to your family. He'll make a great DL.

tiburon said...

Glad he is staying put and doing well.

I miss you.

Come back to me.