Monday, June 29, 2009


Check out these fun pictures....

Oh wait, you CAN'T!!!

WHY? 'Cause I'm an idiot who dropped and broke her camera. CaaaarrrraaaP! I would break my own head if it weren't attached to my body. Wait, that's a different saying.

Anyhoo, picture this:

Home from Ragnar, wet, tired, sore. Hands full of shoes, milkshake, and camera. Get to the backdoor and it's locked. WTC? We NEVER lock that door! Turn around to go to front door and camera slips out of stack of crap and crashes to garage floor. SNAP!! Well, really it was a different word, but I'm working on not using that one quite so much. At least publicly. Pick up camera, peruse it quickly, seems to be fine.

Later that weekend, try to take pictures, no go. Won't even turn on. Discover, it's just dang broken. Cry. Big tears.

Sugar Daddy takes it, attempts to see if he can fix it. Nope.

Take to Inkley's to see if repair can happen. Nope. Not without shipping it out at a significant cost. Might as well buy a new camera. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sugar Daddy spends time googling and finds a company we can send to for much less money and they MIGHT be able to fix it. Worth the chance. Wrapped, and double wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped.

Now, just waiting......feeling like a big clumsy ox who can't be trusted with anything nice or expensive. I break things. I am a freaking bull in a china shop. I am the uncoordinated girl that trips over imaginary lines in the road. You should see my dishes. Even the RS ladies shoo me from the kitchen if I attempt to help. They are in fear for even their Tupperware. I will find a way to bust it.

So, with all the fun we had last weekend.
Feel free to ignore the next post. It's just for journaling anyway, sans pic's.

Stupid, stupid girl!


Erin said...

I'm sorry you broke your camera. That sucks! Here's hoping it's not outrageously expensive to fix.

Kristina P. said...

What a bummer! Hope you get it fixed!

tammy said...


I like it better when the men do the stupid stuff.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Two funny things-
-at least you had full hands as an excuse! I just plain DROPPED my camera, just slipped out of my hands. Hubby replaced it, I cared for it like a newborn baby, threw a fit if anyone used it and didn't put it back in it's safety case. Then one day this winter it was safely in the case, and in my purse. But my purse was put next to the wood by the woodstove, and a chunk of wood MUST have been dropped on it. So Christmas Day, I took it out of my purse, not knowing about the crushing injury it had taken, trying to figure out WHy the lens wasn't popping out, and then noticed the squishes in the body of the camera. It still works, I still use it, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to do so for a long time.

The other funny thing?

My parents always called me A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. Always. Knocked things down as I ran thru the house on a daily basis!


SO said...

Oh no!! I would have cried big fat tears as well. I had a camera that I dropped in the stream while we were camping. I even had the wrist strap on but a fly landed on my I went to flick it away and "flick" went the camera strap off my wrist and plop went the camera in the stream.

Martha H. said...

That would just make me sad to not have my camera. You poor, poor girl!

Pedaling said...

not the camera!!

Kado! said...

I would cry too...or use it as an excuse to go shopping or a nifty new one!!!!!!!

Plain Jame said...

Could you still take out your memory card to upload the photos you have on there? I hope it gets fixed at the camera medic..

tiburon said...

Broken cameras suck ass.

Sorry poodle :(

Omgirl said...

Oh darn! I wish I'd known. I know a guy in Alpine who will fix it and have it back in a couple of days. Next time, call me first!