Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aha! A fun Discovery

I'd read about the fun of Discover Gateway here and thought that a rainy Saturday would be the perfect day to go check it out.

Sissy and I rode Trax to downtown Salt Lake to the Gateway center. She loved riding the train, and not having to be strapped down in a car seat

We quickly made our way to the Discovery Center, purchased our tickets, and headed in. If you've never been there before! A playground for the imagination for every kind of kid. From babies to tweens. It has everything. Luckily, Sissy's fav's were all on the first level.

First there were the balls to check out

Then the construction zone

The 3 and younger area

The water station

The grocery store

The farm and the horse

The music center

In between each of these was a run back to the balls

There was also a big play house with a kitchen and ironing station, and girly stuff. She wouldn't step foot in it. Not even onto the porch. She could see what was going on inside and wanted nothing to do with it!

It's such a cool place. It is completely designed for kids to play, but use their imaginations and learn things while they are playing. Nothing that a TV or video or computer can do for them. There were costumes to dress up in, a small rock climbing wall, cars to "drive" in and everywhere you turned a bench or "rock" for parents to sit on. Depending on how involved you wanted to be, you could either plant yourself with a book or laptop or get in on the action and play. I saw all variations of involvement.

For me, I let Sissy drive. If she wanted me to come and play, I played. Otherwise, she had free reign to run around, touch, climb, jump, do whatever she wanted. I just followed a few paces behind to keep track of her.

We lasted a couple of hours until hunger set in. When you first enter, and purchase your ticket, you get a wristband. This allows you to go and come during that day. We could have gotten something to eat there at Gateway and gone back in, but she was requesting 'croni and cheese. I didn't think I was gonna find that there. We stopped at one of the many hand sanitizers strategically placed all over the exhibits, worked some magic soap through our paws, and headed back out to the train.

The ride back to WJ was a little more, shall we say, interesting? Several workers, sightseers, and general public riff raff were part of our travels. It totally reminded me of why I hate public transportation. Seriously. Who wears a shirt that says "I'd do me", while juggling a baby on her hip, trying to keep her pants up with the other hand, and following along a male companion that appeared to be on parole? Or has their young son's head totally shaved except for a tail trailing down the back? I looked at his mom and realized why. Both of her cheeks were pierced. That had totally interfered with her thinking cap skills. My favorite moment was when the young American Indian dude, who might not have been completely sober, sat down near us and Sissy screamed "MINE SEAT". He looked a little afraid of her and mumbled what I think was an apology and scurried, I mean stumbled off. Good.Times.

I rode Trax/Bus for too many years and won't be doing again in the near or far future for that matter, if I can help it.

All told, Sissy had a great time. It is a fun and challenging place that I highly recommend. NGL - a bit pricey. I'm thinking the annual pass will be the most cost effective way to go. And with so much to do there, not a chance of getting bored with it anytime soon.

After her 'croni and cheese and my Chile's, we crashed and slept delightfully!


SO said...

I've wanted to check that out but the price has kept me away. With four kids it's a bit much.

I'm glad you had a great time.

And I'm loving Sissy screaming at the dude trying to sit by her!

Becca said...

Love the children's museum. Love it almost as much as I love my mom's grandparents pass to the children's museum! Glad you two had fun!

Martha H. said...

Looks like Sissy had a fabulous time. She is so stinking cute!

tammy said...

I always forget about that place whenever we come up there. So a 13 yr old wouldn't get bored?

I think the next time I'm at the movies, and someone sits too close to me, I'll try Sissy's tactics and scream my seat.

Cadance said...

What she did not want to Iron? What kind of good wife will she be??? LOL!.....(she is a smart one! I don't iron either....Sean does that!!!!)

We have a place that looks like that too....Mhasyn Loves it there! I'm so glad you guys had so much fun!!!!!

Plain Jame said...

I love the description - including the miscreants on the way home. PRICELESS. Isn't that such a fun place? I dont think my kids could ever find a place they love more..

Omgirl said...

Believe it or not, I've never been! Going to have to put that on my list of fun things to do this summer.

tiburon said...

Oh how I wish we had gone with you.

Next time. We need to do that!