Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yup! It's official, I'm losing it.....

I think I might have had the worst two days of work of my life. Okay, probably not the WORST, but dang freakin close.
I'm gonna have to just step you through it......

Race home from girls camp, pick up company car, go home to shower and pack for St George.

Delayed packing, get on the road a whole hour later than planned. Dog has escaped as I am preparing to leave. Have to leave anyway, hope he comes back or someone finds him and returns him home.

Notice the company car has something funky with the windshield, looking through it at a certain angle causes me to become sick. Ugh.

Pull into St George, stop at Target for some minimal supplies.

Arrive at usual hotel, saunter to check in desk and give name for reservation. Watch the girls face cloud over as she prepares to give me bad news.

No reservation for me. Nope. Nothing. Next week yes, but not today. Or tomorrow. And unfortunately they are completely sold out. Completely. Even the honeymoon suite that I had last time. I look over to manager who hooked me up last time, but he's on the phone and unaware of problem.

Double check please. Nope, no reservation.

I walk out steaming. Cursing stupid hotel. Cursing stupid corporate travel person for screwing up my reservation.

Call Tiburon to get Mindi's number to see if she can hook me up. No answer.

Call Splenda, get numbers to two other local hotels. Begin calling trying to find open room.

Get room at hotel down the street. Scratch out confirmation number on tiny piece of paper I happen to have in my purse.

Arrive at new hotel. Stride in purposefully to check in desk. Give name.

No reservation. Nope. Double check, please. Nope.

March back out to car, retrieve embarrassing scrap of paper with confirmation number, and am finally recognized as having a reservation. Eat cookie from front desk plate.

Get room keys, can't find dolly to load luggage on, pile it all on my arms and back and wobble into lobby. Steal another cookie from front desk plate.

Go back out in car and map out run for early morning. Mileage out 12.5 miles. Go back to new, and might I say NICER hotel. Take another cookie from the front desk plate.

Collapse on my bed in tears from sheer frustration and exhaustion. Take nigh-nigh sleep tight pill and go to sleep in cold room.

Wake at 4:30am, begin to get dressed for run. Discover I failed to pack socks. No run. No workout of any kind. Cry some more. Turn on computer. Attempt to get wireless. Attempt again. Curse. Attempt again. Finally connect only to see 121 emails for work. More cursing. Instead, try to enjoy other people's lives by catching up on google reader.

Head to breakfast, take water jug with intent to fill with purified water from exercise room. No purified water container. Have to buy from gas station with protein bar for lunch. Also realize that I have not packed a very important medicine.

Arrive at my training room, get set up and prepped for class. Building lady comes in and informs me that I do not have the room reserved. I do next week, but not this week and unfortunately, there are other sessions scheduled for the room. Fight tears. Want cookie. She tells me, she might be able to work something out.

I continue getting ready for class, and frantically attempting to print all 121 emails so I can work on them later tonight in hotel room. Fighting tears. Dig through bag and find the yoga cd that the Shark made for me and put it in computer to try and relax.

Building lady comes back in, says she has it worked out for today, but tomorrow might be a problem. I decide to worry about tomorrow later.

Students begin coming in, and two extra people show up. They are not on my roster, therefore I do not have materials or prep done for them. One of them then pulls out her tape recorder to record the training session so she can study later. Want to punch her.

The extra students are very slow, can't keep up. Class ends up taking an hour longer than usual. I have 15 minutes before next class. Quickly down protein bar, and listen to yoga music some more.

Brand new watch that I bought last night, breaks. Falls off my arm, can't find tiny piece to fix it.

Teach last class. Talk to building lady about situation for a training room tomorrow, get instructions and send email to students to inform of building change.

Go to running store where I have coupon I won. Buy new shoes, and socks. Feeling slightly better.

Go to Cafe Rio, attempt to soothe myself with food. End up feeling even worse for eating the whole damn salad.

Get online and work until 9pm digging through now more than 121 emails. Make phone calls, fight tears. Finally take nigh-nigh-sleep-tight meds and go to sleep.

Wake at 4:30am, put on NEW socks and old running shoes and head out. Temps perfect, but not a great shoulder on the road. Have to be extra vigilant with the few cars out on the road. Change route, thinking I am adding in slightly more to make it an even 13 miles.

Last mile, HURTING! Knees crying, hip aching, and shins complaining. Gimp back into hotel. Ice knees, take drugs, realize I have not packed recovery drink, shower, pack and head to breakfast. Wait for someone to seat me. Ignored. Wait some more. Ignored. One server for entire breakfast room. I seat myself and finally gal comes to get my order. I am running late. Late, late, late.

Finally leave hotel, get to hospital, find room I am to train in. Find technician to assist with set up. He makes a call to push out my software program to the computers. He leaves. I get laptop set up, hook into printer for my emails but not for program. No printer. Bad for this particular class.

Discover they pushed the WRONG product. Make a frantic call, while students coming in. Stall with discussion. Still no correct product. Stall some more. Finally correct product.

Begin teaching and glance down to my leg to see blood coming through my pants. Scab from last weeks wipeout has broken off and leg bleeding all over pants.

Finally, yes blessed finally, I get done with class. Pack up, and realize I can't find ipod. Anywhere.

Get back out the car, rummage through bags, can't find ipod. Return to hotel, get back into the yet, uncleaned room and tear room apart. Can't find ipod. Get back out to the car, tear apart luggage, and every single bag in the car. Finally find ipod at the bottom of the last bag. Tears.

Drive running route to see what I actually ran. Only 11.5 miles. I suck. Completely disheartened.

Get on road and can't get home fast enough. Rain, construction and stupid truckers. 65 is just NOT acceptable when returning home from a work trip. Just saying.

So why was this trip such a mixed up disaster? I realized that I was originally scheduled to come down this week. Then I found out about girls camp, and pushed it to next week. Rescheduled my hotel, rescheduled my training room but! Completely forgot all about it! So the whole thing was completely my fault! I swear, I have lost it! I can't remember anything or keep anything straight to save my life!

Repent of cursing hotel, travel staff and building room lady.

On the way home though, after an uplifting call from the Shark, I talked to Splenda who informed me that things were now looking up. He won an iHome in the golf tournament!!And since he doesn't even have an ipod, guess who gets to use it?

Then I met Becca and Laurie at Costa Vida for dinner and had a delightful time learning the ropes for the Ragner Relay next weekend.How fun to take our blog relationship to the next level! They are darling girls, who I hope I get a chance to run with soon!

And finally, I came home to not only a clean house, but a special package in my basket. Cadance is just the BEST at sending out little surprises! Thank you, thank you, thank you girl! I love it, and YOU!

So happy to be home. To get back into my routine. Back to my own bed, my own space and my day to day regular, reliable routine. I like routine. I like my usuals. I like my set patterns of how things should go. Not to mention my circle of support. Splenda, Shark, Tuffy, Purdy, work peeps, neighbor peeps.....

And now, I think I better see a doctor and find out what is wrong with me..... seriously. I either accidentally swallowed some stupid pills, or my mind is slowly being eaten alive with some terrible parasite that is destroying any thinking/remembering ability I may have possessed.

PS: I also came home to Tuffy's new drum set.I may or may not be slightly jealous of his mad drumming skills

PSS: I now just want to be with her


Kristina P. said...

Oh, Melissa, that sounds horrible!

But I'm glad you saw Becca and Laurie. They are both so cute!

Becca said...

This whole story just makes me love you more. That is so totally something I would do! And I loved that part at the end...about you hanging out with us. I could definitely do that again! Ragnar, here we come!

tammy said...

I hate it when that happens! Especially the part about it being your own fault. Let me know what the doc says, cuz I'm pretty sure I've got the same thing starting over here.

Sher said...

Oh man, I feel your pain! That sucks! I'm glad you go to come home and have a fun GNO.
I'm jealous. Did you know I recently discovered that our Becca is the same Becca that was my hubby's best friend in college? Small world.
Did you get my IM earlier today?
I'm hoping my ankle recovers before Ragnar. If not, I'll just hop along, and ride in the van for fun. No way I'm missing out on that!!

Martha H. said...

OH, girl! I'm so sorry. What a no good, very bad week. I'm glad you are home safe and sound, though.

Cadance said...

What a horrible trip! I'm glad you are feeling much better now that you are home! Glad my little package was there to greet you after such a horrible run of events!

While watching the Yankees game last night...they were talking about how one of the Boston outfielders has a medical "condition" that makes him tired...they are still trying to figure it out...I hope they do because I know for SURE that what ever they want to call this "condition" I absolutly have IT...and want the cure! LOL!

Oh...and did you see Swisher's AMAZING catch the night before last???? CRAZY Good!!!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Sorry you had to go through so much Melissa. You sure look cute though. I really hate when those times happens.

Plain Jame said...

AT least you looked HOT for them all I'm sure.

Vanessa said...

You made me want to cry just reading that!

kimberly said...

So did the dog come back?

Shawn said...

Oh, you poor thing! I hate to tell you this, but as you get older---like me, your brain even gets worse---it soooooo sucks royal!!!

Glad you are back in one piece...

Anonymous said...


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Rhonda said...

Old? Wait a minute, I was under the impression that our memory gets better with age. Not sure who told me that, but I am running with it.

I will be in Utah the end of August. Not sure if I can get down to St. G but it would be a lot of fun. I am emailing you.b