Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday & a little Ticked Too version

I am tickled pink to see the sun! Really! It's like manna from heaven! I even had to use the air conditioner in the car. Granted not for long, but I did have to hit the button with the little a/c on it. And the best of all? When you first get into a hot car. You know - HOT! Where the heat seeps right into your bones? That happened a lot today, and it just tickles me pink! What ticks me off though is that I did not pack appropriate clothes for the warmth of St George.

I am tickled pink that I could drive Splenda's Honda down south instead of a company car. What ticks me off though is that ever since we moved to the new office, it's so blasted hard and time consuming and a PIA process to get a company car!

I am tickled pink by my ipod and the shuffle option. Hearing the smokey voice of Steve Nicks, the pure clarity of Pat Benatar (did you know she was studying opera before making the move to rock star?), the awesome drums of Limpbizkit, and the soul-reaching lyrics of Beth Nielsen Chapman ("solid stone is just sand and water, baby, sand and water....and a million years gone by.)just makes my driving time FLY BY! What ticks me off though is that I couldn't find my i-trip and I wasn't in Pete for the awesome stereo. Instead, headphones.

I am tickled pink by my hotel room - but that is for the next post!

What tickles you pink right now? Or, for that matter, ticks you off?


tiburon said...

Getting to hear part of your ICC. Even though it was a snippet - it was lovely.

Oh and spin class. I rocked it.

LaurieJ said...

I LOVE getting in a hot car. Even in the middle of summer!