Saturday, April 11, 2009

Run 4 Kids 2009 10k - OH YEAH!!!!

Not gonna freakin lie........I ROCKED!

Okay, so you all know I've been planning on a 10k race as a final training run for the 1/2 marathon next weekend (of which I am totally unprepared), and there happened to be this benefit for children held in the St George area. The course was in Coral Canyon to be exact, which is beautiful.

The weather forecast called for cooler temps and rain showers. HUH? I expect sun and warmth when down in St George, this predicted weather was NOT making me excited.
The day came early albeit, not bright. Dark, and raining. Crap. Oh well, I have paid my fees, have picked up my packet (of which they totally had me all screwed up, wrong name, age, address) and so there is nothing to be done but suck it up, get some Chaditude and get my run on.

The packet says the start is 7:30am, and since I am not entirely sure where I am going, I head out at 6:30 to make sure I can find where I am supposed to be and have some time to orient myself. The closer I get to Coral Canyon, the more it's raining. Crap. Find a parking spot, head to the table and get the information that the 10k doesn't actually start until 8:00am. Crap. A whole hour. Crap. Sit in the warm car, but can't really do anything productive since I have my contacts in and thus can't see. 'Sokay, I'm a people watcher and so this provided plenty of opportunity. I have to say, I was quite impressed. St George Running Center was putting on the event. They offered a 1k, 5k and 10k. I saw family after family come ready to run one of the events. From little toddlers in strollers to Grandpa's and Grandma's armed with camera's. It was truly a family event. I have to admit, I felt a little alone. I HATE racing solo. I kind of need a friend at the start line with me and someone to meet me at the finish, but whatev, this race was what is was, I couldn't change it.

I see them line up the little ones to do the 1k. I get out the of car to watch and I am just tickled! These little, and I do mean little, kids with their running shorts, sweatshirts, and the all important bib pinned on, poised at the start line waiting for the horn to sound. The race director gives some instructions, and then they were off! Really, it was so cool to see, that I was instantly grinning and the Chaditude scale was at a 10! And wouldn't you know it, the rain had stopped. Completely! The rest of us kind of mill around waiting for the little ones to make their loop and within a few minutes here they come. The race organizers shuttled them through the chute just like a real race and then laid a medal around each one of their necks. To watch these kids come in huffing and puffing and grinning ear to ear was a pure delight. I could have gotten in my car right then, drove home and been completely satisfied. Okay, let's be honest, not completely satisfied. I'm too competitive for that.

As they are finishing the 1k, announcing winners and giving prizes, I have headed over to the start line to warm up and get prepped. I have to keep telling myself that 10k is farther than I raced last time. Pace myself. Don't fly out of the gate too quickly. Stop thinking about being cold.

It's time, we line up, and the horn sounds. Off I go, and for once, I actually started out at a reasonable pace. Not too quick, feeling pretty good. A couple minutes into the race and so far all that are ahead of me are dudes. Good sign, until right then, a chick passes me. I check her out. She is younger than me. I can deal with that. Keep my eye on her, keep her in my sights and stay with her the best I can. The course, is beautiful so far, gentle ups and downs. Nothing too steep, just enough to keep an even pace. Winding around a neighborhood and I notice the homes are gorgeous. Got great music going on the podder. I have a regular race playlist, but this time decided to let it just shuffle. Unless Mo'Tab came on (sorry BFF Laurie), I could run to anything and I really wanted the variety.

Pass mile marker 2 and another Cute Young Girl on my left. She paces with me a bit and pulls out her ear piece to chat for a minute.
CYG: "You ever do this one before?"
Me: "Nope, you?"
CYG: "No, but I hear there is a wicked hill at the end."
Me: "Oy Vay! I hate hills!"
CYG paces with me another 30 seconds or so and then is off. Crap. Two girls have now passed me. At least they are both younger than me. I can live with that. Keep going and at this point, I'm pretty much alone. I've lost sight of both girls in front of me, there is a stray dude or two, and the few times I check behind me, I see no one. Okay, so that means either there is a HUGE gap in the runners or there wasn't anyone else running the 10k and I am dead last. I tell myself to stop that talk and just keep going.

Hit mile marker 4 and feeling very good actually. Been able to keep a fairly steady pace with the ups and downs but am dreading the "wicked" hill that supposedly is coming up. Keep going, got great music, only had to hit forward once. And then turn the corner, see the mile marker 5 sign and......the hill. WICKED, MY ARSE, TRY BRUTUAL!! This was no hill, this was...... this was...... well, it was a mountain!! At least to me anyway. Crap-a-doodle! Okay, well, realize that in no way am I going to make my original goal which was to come in at 51:30 or better. Even though I really let myself pound the downhills, this uphill one is too steep and too long.

Keep pushing, keep trying to maintain a decent pace. About halfway through, look up and see two young dudes actually walking. Okay, I'm not the only one who is dying here! Tell myself, come in under 52:00 and I'll be satisfied. About 3/4 of the way, I am now telling myself, finish and I'll be happy. Seriously, the hill is KICKING ME! Finally reach the top and can see the 6 mile marker ahead in the distance. I look around and realize where I am and where the finish is. Okay, I can do this.

Keep going and now it's a gradual descent, let myself pound down. Tell myself, it's okay M, don't worry about your knees and your back, that's what the Lortab in the little tiny purse size Tupperware bowl is for. You can drive on half of one, pound away girl and make up some time. Maybe 51:30 is back in my sights. Get to the final downhill and bend towards the chute and I just PUSHED IT! Pound it stride after stride and sprint to the chute. I can see the big clock ahead.... what does it say? Stupid contacts! Sprint harder - keep going! And there it is as I cross 48:37! FREAK YEAH!!

Ask me how excited I am, go ahead ask! EXCITED!!! I make sure as the race aides are taking my tag off my bib that they understand which correct age group I should be in since it was originally screwed up. Make my phone calls and then wait for official results and awards.

Finally, my card comes out of the computer. Time - 48:37.1 - 1st in division, 3rd woman overall, 7:49 mile pace. YESSSSSS!! Stick around to get my medal and bag of goodies which consisted of a couple of power drink packets, few little odds and ends trinkets and a $20.00 gift certificate to St George Running Center for shoes. Awe.Some!

The drive home flew by. I've done it so many times that often I don't even remember half of it. Today was certainly no exception. Other than the Maverick at Fillmore, where I stopped to potty and get another diet coke with vanilla, I don't remember a thing.

The best part? Coming home to more prizes!
Beautiful roses from my Splenda
and some de-light-ful Zebra nipples and Milk Duds from the Shark
So yeah, I am pleased with myself. I don't know that there were a ton of people running, I am still waiting for the website to post the official standings, but I beat the goal I set, I did well, and now here at 1:00am Saturday morning, still a little high from it all.

Next up? Salt Lake Half Marathon (my longest run ever) and a 2 hour goal. Wish me luck!

PS - What's Chaditude you say? That's a whole other post......stay tuned.


tammy said...

You do rock.

I am so stinkin' proud of you.

I love your race posts and all the detail you share. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you. Minus the pain and heavy breathing.

LaurieJ said...

Way to go! And in my ALWAYS humble've got 2 hours EASY.
Ran that race last year and enjoyed it. Was only surprised at how long the lst .1 was through gateway. Felt like forever!
And the one I am doing next week in Idaho, not the SLC. Good luck!

nikkicrumpet said...

WELL CONGRATS! I'm so impressed. And I can't believe you still look that good after running that far. And by the way...what the freaking heck is a zebra nipple....and Happy Easter!

Kristina P. said...

I am so impressed, Melissa! That's a great time!

Happy Easter!

Vanessa said...

WAHOOO!! Great job! You are my hero!

tiburon said...

I am so freaking proud of you I can't stand it!! Way to work that Chaditude scale. I am super duper impressed and I hope that I finish the bike portion of the SL Marathon before you wrap up the half so I can watch you cross the finish line! You are a rockstar - totally my hero. :)

tiburon said...

Oh and you said nipples.

Mindi said...

way to KICK ASS.

i'm proud of you, lady!

thanks for the awesome lunch date the other day--

Cadance said...

that was such and exciting story!! I felt like I was right there with you! How fun to watch the little kiddos!

CONGRATULATIONS of beating your time...& by SO much! WOW!

...and yea..what in the heck are Zebra Nipples....maybe you could help me out there?

Sher said...

Girl, you rock!! You will totally KILL the 2 hour time for the half. If I can finish in 1:56 (my best time, by the way), you could easily finish in her 1:45. I wouldn't be surprised if you get 1:30.
We are so going to kick ass in Ragnar!

I'm excited!

Becca said...

Woot! Woot! I absolutely love your running posts! And I absolutely love your running posts. Salt Lake half in under 2 will totally happen, I ran it last year with Laurie (she rocked it) and we had fun! You've got it, you're ready and you will do well!!!

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