Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Tuesday

I'm so freakin tickled that I'm nearly wetting myself with excitement!

PT camp starts again next week! I LOVE it! I love that Purdy has all sorts of forms of torture dreamed up for us. I love the social aspect of working out with fun friends and meeting new ones. I love that three days a week, I have Ralynn in my ear giving instructions, and me seeing if I can actually do them. If anyone lives in the southwest end of the Salt Lake valley (Think neighborhood of 2200 west and 7800 south) and want to join, email me and I'll give you the deets. THE BEST!

The sun is shining. Really, no joke this time, it's shining and has been for a couple of days. And better yet, is supposed to for a few more days before clouds sneak back in. Talk about soaking up the vitamin D. I have always been a sun worshipper, and summer with it's wicked hot self, is the yin to my yang. It can't get here fast enough, but for now, the sun and warmer temps are doing the job.

That my BFF cousins are coming to town. Their daughter graduates from BYU, and they are squeezing in a dinner with us. Now growing up, there were four of us. Me, my brother, T, and her brother A. All about the same age (within a few years), and we called ourselves the Fabulous Four. Oh the stories I could tell you! But I'll save them for a memory post or two. Anyhoo, my brother and A live near me, T and her husband are back east but are coming out and we are getting together Saturday night for dinner and a "reunion" of sorts. I can't wait! I love them all so much!

Splenda is having surgery Friday. That tickles me you say? Why yes. Yes it does! See he has this terribly deviated septum. He can't breathe through his nose very well, is constantly congested, snores like a freight train and is constantly tired (due to lack of decent sleep). We have finally talked him into going and getting it checked. The ENT doc was quite frankly surprised at his level of blockage. So Friday, it's gettin fixed!! Of course, he'll have a couple of bad days, but that is what drugs are for. Once he gets past that, I think he will feel better than he has his entire life!

C is doing better. Neck still stiff and sore, but what's hysterical? And yes, we have to find things to laugh about right? He is SO DRUGGED UP. Annnnnnddddd.....working. I happened to be working at his office today at the hospital and it's quite comical. I am so glad nothing was seriously damaged. I'm glad he didn't break anything or worse. And, I am glad he is amusing me today.

Tuffy's creativity. Seriously. The kid has always been creative and a quiet thinker and someone who is constantly "out of the box". Enough so, that school basically sucks for him. He doesn't fit "the traditional norm" so it is a struggle to even get through. How I can't wait for him to be done. He really belongs in a special high school for creative culinary art students. That is his passion and that is what he does best. He is never at a loss for coming up with something cool to either eat or just look at. Take for example this:We were just sitting at the table being bored, making small talk while waiting for Splenda to come home. He had just downed a Jones soda and was fiddling with the lid. Next thing I know, "Hey check this out Mom" He's created a stick figure with the Jones bottle lid and scraps he took off of it. Cool kid.

What is tickling you pink today?


SO said...

I'm loving this sun as well. And I wish I lived closer. I think I would actually look forward to working out if I could work out with you and Tib. You guys seem to love it SO much.

Jillybean said...

The sun!!
I love that it's getting warmer, even if it's only for a few days.

funky bag freak said...

I'm tickled pink just thinking about joining you for your torture training. I can see me now (or at least my corspe) That just cracks me up!

I hate being overweight, but I hate the idea of passing out in front of everyone worse! LOL

Kristina P. said...

Warm weather and Cafe Rio for lunch!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous list, I would be tickled pink too! I am tickled pink that the sun and the warmth made it over my way. We soaked up lots of vitamin D today!

tammy said...

I think I may have found a PT camp by me. That will make me tickled pink.

I'm not tickled pink that it's 102 right now!! Holy hot! We're not ready for that yet.

Pedaling said...

isn't it amazing what a little sun can do for the soul?
just what the dr. ordered!

and about that surgery thing- my husband did it and it and it didn't work as well as we hoped. at first it did- but then not. hopefully it will have better long term effects for your man.

and yay for family
and sunshine again yay yay yay!

oh, and american idol tonight... i really need to get a life!

devri said...

I wish I could do the camp with you all, and your list is sweet,

spring cleaning is tickling me pink today!

Cadance said...

Yeah for you having SUN...only clouds here all day...sad news.

I ♥ me some jones soda....what a creative kid.

Shawn said...

Oh, I do wish that I had someone near me that I could workout with---I would love to do a yoga class with someone. It helps to spur you on!

I am tickled pink that my migraine that I have been fighting for going on three days is coming to an end.

Omgirl said...

From one person who has had their nose worked on to another, it is a cake walk. No worries. Honestly, I was up and at them later that day and had very little pain. The hardest part was just waking up from the anesthsia. I hope it all goes well! And here's to a quiet night's sleep!!!

tiburon said...

I think I am gonna pass on PT Camp.

That tickles me pink ;)

Oh and seeing you in a bathing suit. Soooo tickled.