Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering.....

Such pressing questions today.....

Q1. *Purely hypothetical. In no way a reflection of an actual situation. Any resemblance to any real person(s) is purely coincidental.*Let's say, for example, that a young man, who is normally a VERY good young man, decided that he just couldn't go to physics and take a test that he wasn't prepared for. And then let's say, again purely hypothetical, that instead of just sucking it up and dealing with the test for which he was unprepared, he chose to call his older adult brother and ask him to call the school and "check him out". Now, let's say the school was slightly suspicious and called the young man's father which then in turn busted the two boys. What would your punishment be? I just need to know in case this should ever happen at my house. Just saying..... What to do? What might you have done or would do if this happened or may happen at your house?

Q2. For those of you who are into fitness, exercise and even athletic competition, do you prefer to carb load, protein load or a combination of both the night before a race? And, energy drink or no energy drink?

Q3. Would it be wrong to have Cafe Rio 4 times in the last 10 days? Or should I just forgo the delightful and delicious calories and eat fresh veggies from the grocery store? (answer this one verrrrrryy carefully)

Q4. When exercising in a public fitness room, and I notice someone NOT wipe down a machine afterwards, is it proper form to say something? Really for the love, people, wipe down the frickin machine!!

Answers, anyone?


SO said...

The first question since the boys in this hypothetical situation are both good kids I would sit them both down and talk to them about how disappointed I was in them. tell them they have the rest of the day to ponder on the situation and then come get back to me on what THEY think the consequences should be. If they are good kids they will usually come up with appropriate consequences.

Dos: Sorry I'm no ta racer.

C: Go for Rio.

Four: It depends on how ornery the person looks and how big his/her muscles are.

SO said...

And don't mind my grammar/spelling in that last comment. It's really bad and I have no excuse.

DeNae said...

Q1: I recommend the chair, but I've always been a big fan of teaching permanent lessons to solve temporary problems.

Q2: I always load protein, carbs, Peanut Butter M&Ms, and diet Coke before a race. That way I can stay awake to watch the runners go by.

Q3: Yes, I think it's terribly wrong to have Cafe Rio four times in ten days. That means six of those days have been wasted.

Q4: I've found that it makes more sense to simply squirt the wipe-down liquid directly onto the non-wiper-downer. One way or another, he's leaving that weight bench CLEAN!

Kristina P. said...

With the first question, I recommend doing what that evil guy did in the first Bond movie with Daniel Craig. You know, the naked chair punishment.

No, but honestly, I am a big believe in natural consequences. What is the consequence of him not taking the test? What will the school do? ISS?

debilyn said...

Wow...good thing that was hypothetical! Otherwise you may want to make the adult son be in charge of the non-adult son for a couple of weeks, as well as make the non-adult son have to go to "adult son" for any money/gas/food/laundry needs for the same amount of time. But that's just me.

As for Cafe del Rio, I say go for it.

And I would also have a hard time not saying something to people who don't wipe down the exercise equipment...but I'd probably just take the chicken way out and say something ABOUT it just loud enough so they could hear and know it ticks me off.

LaurieJ said...

The only problem with your Cafe Rio diet is that it's not Bajio's!
What I eat everyday would be considered carbo and protein loading for most people so the night before a race is no biggie
:-) What I eat the morning of is what is most important to me...oatmeal, bananas, and sometimes a red bull

And if your son is a good kid I would lay off that 'I'm disappointed in you' talk and give him the 'you are such a great kid, this really surprises me' talk and then let the natural consequenses at school fly.

rychelle said...

Q3 - go for the rio!

Natalie said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with Cafe Rio every 4 times in 10 days is just fine. I have no helpful advice about those hypothetical boys...I would flip out and that is probably not the appropriate response. But in the spectrum of bad things boys could do, this is pretty low I think. Since I don't exercise, I can't advise about any sort of protein drink. :)

Becca said...

1. I would laugh...but not while they can see me. But seriously though, that's hard...since I don't have teenagers, I'll give you my best guess (feel free to kick it to the curb) I think the worst thing for my kids is when I'm so mad that I don't yell and scream but I handle things quietly and calmly. There definitely needs to be a consequence, but maybe the one from the school, and them just knowing from your actions...not so much your dissappoined you are in them will do the trick. Good luck!

2. I like to have both, but I think I prefer a few more carbs. I usually pay attention to what I ate the night before good training runs and try to mimic that. But I'm with Laurie, breakfast before is way more important. Good luck!

3. There can never be too much Cafe Rio in your life.

4. I'm sorry, I'll wipe it down next time.

nikkicrumpet said...

The first one....I know I usually blew it with the punishment for these kinds of I'm the wrong one to ask. #2 I like to load with pizza, ice cream, chocolate, and lots of icy cold coke...but that's just me.
#3 Veggies are the #1 killer of every living thing on the planet...go RIO
#4 allergic to a little sweaty body juice? sheeesh some people are so persnickety!

tiburon said...

1. I say you shoot them both. Save yourself the trouble.

2. Carbo and protein. But more carbs.

3. When in doubt...RIO!

4. I would walk right up to them and punch them square in the face. When they ask you why you did that - punch them again. Then spit on their crumpled form and scream - "WIPE OFF YOUR SWEAT YOU SICKO!!!"

Then storm off.

tiburon said...

And I think we BOTH know that I am all about the energy drink!

Cadance said...

you crack me up!
ummm..I always responded the best to losing my car privileges...

...and I HATE it when people don't wipe down their machines...R-U-D-E! Bad, bad, people...but I never say anything to them...I just ALWAYS wipe it down before too!

AS Amber said...

Uh...the only thing wrong witht the Rio situation is that I wasn't with you. Seriously.

All those other things, such as sluffing school, exercise, energy drinks...I don't know about such things.