Friday, April 3, 2009

Funny Bone Friday - Things I may have heard, or said, or just thought in my head

Me: "Now, who was I doing?"
Tuffy: "That's what she said!" (I have created a monster.)

My gluteus maximus is starting to spasticus

D - stop being a girl and make a decision already

Don't you talk to me like you talk to your children!

Black mascara is for whore's

I remember making out with your Dad to this song.

See now that just forces air where air shouldn't be!

Why can't I just be selfish?


Jan the crazy lady said...

Oh that poor daughter. About the dad. You naughty girl.

I hope your gluteus takes a spastic vacation for ya. Ouch. I wear black mascara too. You better watch your back :)

Have a good one you fun girl.

Martha H. said...

Whatever to you and your non-black-mascara. Paint my lashes black and call me a hooker!

tammy said...

Who are you calling a whore?

Things to see,
People to do.

My motto.

rychelle said...

great comeback, tuffy!

Cadance said...

If black mascara makes me a whore than I don't wanna be nothin else...hehehe!

...Martha & Tammy made me laugh w/ their comments too.....

and Melissa...WHO were you DOING?....You must have been wearing BLACK mascara and listing to that song again....hehehe!

LaurieJ said...

Goota love the children talk one!

Shawn said...

Oh, oh----I definitely wear black mascara and fishnets, too.

I better go stand on the street corner.

Hey, wait a minute, I was just doing that....waiting for the bus.

AS Amber said...

What the H color mascara do you wear??? BLUE? I'm glad you liked mine. You and Tib are tough acts to follow! Don't be in time out for too long. Please.

tiburon said...

I am such a whore.