Friday, April 17, 2009

Red Face Rant


Oops-a-doodle Obama - is that his new nickname or shall he be known simply as the
Four Year Faux-Pas?


Shauna said...

Oh man! Hope you have a great weekend my friend! ♥ Hugs!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Do ya think that any of those who were on the fence about this guy and went ahead a voted for him are kicking themselves by now? (I won't comment on those who fell in 'love' with him right off the bat. Idiots)

Pedaling said...

1st love the new nickname -Four Year Faux-Pas

2nd- Karl Rove is one smart dude.

3rd. the Progresseve, leftist, liberals are sorely mistaken if they think we are going to fall for things like the sky is green when the sky is blue.
yeah, he bowed alright.

4th. woman of steele, oh, yeah, i did sign up for that didn't i ----i'll e-mail you,

Anonymous said...

girl... that is a good one!!!!!!!!

tammy said...

Whitehouse: liars, liars, pants on fire!!

Shawn said...

Yeah---he nailed this one, fo sure.

And yeah--that was a bow---or maybe he had dropped something?

Like that Karl dude....

S and L said...

Four years...UGH!!! Let's hope they pass by quickly and get him outta there!