Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If it's Wednesday, then I'm wondering......what? No wondering today, just randomness

Yeah, no wondering today. That just leads to thinking and that just leads to more thinking and pondering and well, I'm just not into that today. Really. No thinking, no problem solving, no questions, no answers. Just random musings rattling around in my mostly, filled with air, head.

My right eyelid is sore. It's red and irritated and sore. Could it be the new mascara that promised stiletto lashes but really is just as lame as every other stupid mascara?

I haven't moved Sissy's blankie from my bed since Sunday when she left. I like to smell it.

I have a love affair with my corn bag, which I just realized is really a rice bag. Duh!

I need to paint my toenails. I shouldn't walk around with just the big toe as the only one left with polish on. Tacky. Oh wait, I CAN be tacky. That whole TT thing.

It is actually painful to walk outside. Or look outside. This weather has to end or I am headed for a tanning bed. For reals. Don't judge me. I brown up so nicely.

What is Tuffy and K's status for real? Why do I feel compelled to know?

I like that Sissy won't sleep in her bed and will only sleep with us. I like her chubby little thigh flung over my leg and her face pressed into my cheek with her soft suck, suck sounds while she gently works the binky, and mostly the quiet little rattle her nose makes as she breathes due to the stray booger or two. I like when she wakes up and says "Prout?" (meaning Sprout channel). I like Sissy.

Kasey got out, I debated whether I should just shut the garage so he couldn't come home. I was talked down. No wait, I wasn't, I was encouraged to. Then I came to my senses. He came home and is a much happier dog. I'd think he had gotten lucky if I didn't know he's been fixed. I think he just needed a good long run.

I need a good long run.

My good long run on Saturday morning is supposed to be bitter cold. I hate running in the bitter cold. Too bad I already paid money. Crap.

My phone should start ringing any second with Splenda telling me he is 10 minutes out. Time to start Tacos for two.


Vanessa said...

Seriously. The cold weather has got to stop!

tammy said...

I've always loved my little ones sleeping with me for those exact reasons. I still climb in bed with my 7 yr old while he goes to sleep almost every night. Love the cuddles.

When I lived there I would always have to start visiting a tanning bed in January. I really can't take the snow and gray skies. Hell I can't even take a gray sky for ONE DAY before I start losing my : )!

Becca said...

If I wake up to snow one more morning I might VOMIT!! And I'm sorry you have to race in the cold--that sucks!

Omgirl said...

We've never let the kids sleep in our bed. But I think if it was a sweet grandbaby like that, I'd love it.

Also, I'm really relieved to know that mascara was a dud. Every time a new one comes out, I'm suckered in thinking it will change my life. And it never does. But I was seriously tempted to try again. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

Shawn said...

Love your randomness... I have seen you comment on many blogs that I read---so I came to visit!

I, too, am a "Mimi"---yay---but I don't get to see my G-babies very often---lucky you to have that cutie baby girl close with you.

Kristina P. said...

Boo snow!!

tiburon said...

Randominity is in the air!

I really want to know about T and K too.


debilyn said...

Oh, Melissa...I hope the weather turns beautiful for you soon!...I can totally hear the winter blues in your post.

Love your random thoughts...and you!

Anonymous said...

We've never let our boys sleep with us either, but I sure love to cuddle with them. There's nothing better!

rychelle said...


Karen said...

Yes, you must remove your polish or repolish. You're the one that always sends out the Trashy Toes memo every spring so us gals obey proper tonail edicate during sandal season. I can't believe you're 'do what I say, not what I do person'. I'm dissapointed in you.

Love ya!

AS Amber said...

Right now the only toe on my foot that doesnt' have polish on it is my biggie.

I just threw up in my mouth when I read "rice bag". (This is NOT meant to be sad.) When I had cancer...the 2nd time...I had a drug that burned my veins as it went in. So in order to "open" my vein they put a rice bag on my arm. To this day I literally gag when I think about the smell of it. Reminds me of chemo. Ew.
(Eventually I got a central line and it made the treatments soooooo much better!)

Love the randomness!