Monday, April 27, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

April 27: Dr Google

A person medically qualified by Google's search engine to diagnose symptoms of sickness.

Mrs. Smith: My son has Dengue fever. I searched it on Google.

Dr. James: Really? That's what Google says? Send him to emergency immediately!

Dr. James: *note to self: Mrs. Smith's Son is fine. Mrs. Smith however has a case of Dr Google.

**and you thought only you did this!**


Erin said...

Don't even mention to a doctor that you did research on Google. They roll their eyes.

tammy said...

So you mean I may not have Capgras Delusion?

Go ahead. I know you're gonna google that.

Mina said...

My step-mom has a very debilitating, undiagnosed problem and she did do some research. Some doctors have praised her for it, and others suddenly don't take her so seriously. I will rarely admit google searches to doctors.

Cadance said...

haha! That's the first place I google back-log would make you laugh!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I love google - for everything!

And that's why I first left a comment on your blog (which I stumbled across and I don't remember now how, but I'm glad I did) because I noticed that you also had a son who was in Chile!

He left for the MTC Feb 6, 2008, and will be home around the first part of February of 2010. I think he's the type who, if given a choice, will stay longer if he can. I am SO proud of him!

Shawn said...

I will never do this.

Thanks for letting me know!

SO said...

I try not to google medical stuff to much. There was one time when I had to. I woke up with black on my tongue. I was freaked. But Google solved my medical mystery and it was all good.

Brittany Marie said...

My mom is a WebMD. Sometimes I think she shops for new diseases. Which is ironic since she is currently in Cabo, MX and will probably be bringing home a case of Swine Flu. :p

Becca said...

Craig has this sister. Her name. Susan. Our name for her. Doctor Susan. I would recommend changing it to Dr. Google but that makes her sound overqualified for the position!