Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday - Missionary Update

Subject: Blood


Well, first off great to hear from you guys, and LOVED the pictures! Sounds like things are going pretty good back in the hood. Likewise here. Was actually really cool to see all of the pics that you guys sent me. There were A LOT and that was great. I am pretty sure that your Easter Day was a lot better than mine. In fact I am sure that it was.
Easter is popular here. In fact, really popular. In Spanish, they call it, Semana Santa. It starts Friday and goes through Sunday (being the death and the resurrection). Here, and I think that you guys already know this, but there are tons of Catholics, and they believe that it is bad to eat meat through these days. They eat TONS of fish. I mean, TONS. Speaking of that, our Mamita made Empenadas de marisco. Or in other words, Fish Empenadas. It was actually really good. I am not the biggest fan of fish, but here, ya eat it A LOT. They also don’t work these days, which actually was better for us because a lot more time to find families right? As far as our Easter Day went? We did….nothing ha-ha. Just a normal day of work. That’s why I am SURE that your Easter Day was a lot better than mine.
I am pretty sure that the Mustang is freaking awesome. I told my comp about that, and he was, I think, more excited than I was ha-ha, which would be really hard. I am way excited for you guys about that. Has Tuffy driven it yet? I was just thinking about all of the dates that I am going to have when I get back and how many times I am going to HAVE to use the BEAST!!! Freaking awesome I am way happy for you guys.
Oh and to add to the freaking awesomeness, in a month, I am going to be able to talk to you guys on the phone, for almost the last time. Pretty sure that is going to rock. I have no details whatsoever about that right now. In fact, I don’t even know if I am going to be in this sector, so I am going to have to let you guys know in a couple of weeks the details.
This is the last week for me and my comp. I think that we are splitting up this change, but again, ya never know. But, what I am guessing and what the President has been doing, is putting two newbies and the more difficult sectors. It has been working great, and I think that is what might happen to my comp. I hope the best for him though. Speaking of really cool stuff, my comp is telling me that, his family wants to go to a General Conference. This of course would be when Elder Poo Hole ends the mish and they would all go as a family there. What we were talking about, is maybe us, and their family could get together. That would be sweet cause it is way close. Just a heads up of “cool stuff that can happen after the mission.”
I know that this letter is short, but I am sure that I will have a lot more to talk about the next week. I still haven’t sent of the memory card, but I am going to work really hard to get that done today and have it sent off as soon has possible. I love you guys so much, thanks for all of the support and all of the help that you give me. Have a great week, and ENJOY THE MUSTANG!!!

Elder Catmull

Ps Oh and mom, you can put the letter on your blog if you would like… :)



Hey!! Long time no talk!! I got your letter that you sent me a while ago and it was good to hear from ya. I am not sure when you sent it, or how long it took to get here, but it is the letter that you did in like 17 different colors haha. It was good to hear from ya though. It really sounds like things are going good back in the hood of UTAH. I wouldnt know how that is, cause ya know, I am kinda in Chile right now being a misisonary!

I know that it has been a while, and pretty sure that emailing you would be a lot faster than sending another letter in the mail. The only thing is, I cant emial your email directly. I have to send it through my mom and dads email, and they can send you what I write you. Kinda complicated, but hey, it is better than nothing right? Haha okay, just to sum things up and give ya the SCOUP!!

Right now, I am in a sector called Radimadi, La UniĆ³n. It is a little bit north of Chiloe, about 4 hours in bus. I have been here 5 months now and have had two companions. I trained my last transfer and I am ending the training of him this transfer. Or in other words, I have been with my comp for two transfers. He is totally new in the mission, just starting, but he is a great kid and we really are good friends! His name is Elder Poujol, which is pronounced, and I am not even kidding you, Elder poo hole. Hahaha he is from Honduras. Sometimes I call him Elder Ano to joke around. I will let you look that word up to see what it means hahaha. The work is going awesome though. There will be baptisms this next transfer, but I dont think that I will be here to see em, since the next transfer is 22nd of April, and I think that I am heading out to another sector. I have almost 6 months here, so I could be heading out here haha.

Sounds like things are going great for ya back home! With school, work, and with all of your friends. I did have a question, what is The First of the Year? What is it that you exactly do? The good thing is that you like your job, that really is the most important part. Ill tell ya one thing, I really do love my job haha. The Lords the boss and the pay is eternal. Kinda really freaking cool being on the mish! I am loving it!

I havent heard from Chris yet. Still waiting for a response. But knowing Chris....I am sure that I will be able to talk to him when I get back from my mish hahaha. I guess that wont be too long since I only have about 8 months left. WOW it goes by really fast!!

Tell scott hi for me and keep up the good work Michelle. Was really good hearing from ya and hope to hear from ya again soon. You can go ahead and emial me back, and I will be able to respond by emialing you like this through my parents. Have a great week!!!

Elder Catmull

(clarification - Michelle and Elder Luke have been friends their entire lives, growing up together in the same ward. Lukie didn't leave any girlfriends behind or have anyone waiting for him. Smart boy!)


susette said...

I love missionaries! Monday letters are the best!! I just got mine too a few hours ago.

Hope you're having a great sunny day! ☼ I gotta get out and work in the yard, it's calling my name!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Love the letters! It's so fun to see that even though they are experiencing tremendous spiritual growth, the still have their own sense of humor left intact!
Gotta go check again and see if mine has emailed yet...

tiburon said...

Dude - he is gangsta.

Can't wait for all those dates!

Omgirl said...

We had a really great lesson on missionary work in SS yesterday, and it made me think of your son since I don't know any other missionaries. indirctly through a blog friend was the best I could do!

Tink said...

I look forward to reading my nephews! Sounds like your son is having an "awesome" time. I love that word "awesome" because it is totally missionary lingo and I still use it to this day! You're AWESOME :)

tammy said...

I want a fish taco now.

Glad he's doing so good. These next few months are going to pass quickly!

Cadance said...

he is awesome just like you!