Friday, April 24, 2009

Slang Gang Word of the Day

April 24: Tweet-Dropping
When a twitter user has a one-way conversation with a celebrity so that to the users followers, it seems like they are talking to a celebrity and thus are instantly 端ber-cool in the eyes of their followers, when in fact they are a loser with nothing better to do than have a fake conversation with themselves.

Similar to name dropping IRL, but even more annoying and even less likely to be true.

Tweet-Dropper: @BritneySpears How did the barbecue go? I heard Justin Timberlake was there too >.< awkward?

Tweet-Dropper (A few minutes later, without a reply from Britney): @BritneySpears Haha yes, I suppose after a while it got pretty normal for both of you, you must go to loads of the same things!

Tweet-Dropper (Again few minutes later, still without any replies from Britney): Yeah, it's been great! How do you squeeze so much into 140 chars lol? =P

Tweet-Dropper's Follower: Wow, this guy I'm following is having a conversation with THE Britney Spears!

Tweet-Dropper (To self): They are totally falling for my Tweet-Dropping!

*To think I am missing so much not being a tweeter.....

**And so I am NOT accused of being a plagiarizing thief - all Slang Gang word of Day posts come from here


Kristina P. said...

When I did my celebrity Twitter post, I saw a bunch like these, and I had no idea what they were!

Thanks for the enlightenment, once again.

tammy said...

I'm not into Twitter either so I guess we're both missing out.

nikkicrumpet said...

Gosh...nobody told me I could fake twitter with skanky hos.....I should have been tweeting ages ago!

tiburon said...

Me no likey Twitter.