Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fabulous Four Reunite! - Brazilian Style

My BFF cousins all got together last night for a reunion of sorts. I might have mentioned before that growing up, there were four of us very close in age. My brother T, my cousin T, her brother A and then me. We really did call ourselves the Fabulous Four and we were a tight group! Here it is 40 something years later and we still love getting together. Now, we just don't get to do it as often, but at least with our spouses! We could totally get together every weekend if a certain couple didn't choose to live clear across the freakin country! Marines, Schmarines! Whatev!

At any rate, they were in town and we did the only thing the Fabulous Four could do. Find a great restaurant, with great food and then proceed to be loud, obnoxious, and generally a pain in the you-know-what to all our servers. Oh wait, that was just me. The rest behaved like the perfect, mature adults that they are.

So who exactly are these BFF's?
T and R - the clear across the county dorks

TNT - who live south of me, but within a reasonable minutes drive

N and A - who live embarrassingly close and who we do NOT get together often enough

And then me sans Splenda who was still recuperatingSome might question me leaving him home, but hey, this was a Fab Four reunion! Splenda can totally take care of himself for a few hours for crying out loud. Besides, I had my niece over babysitting Sissy and figured she was good enough to babysit her Duncle D too!

We met at Tucanos
which is a Brazilian Steakhouse. This would totally be R's idea. He has probably spent as much of his career in South America as he has anywhere else. The food was fabulous! However, I did have my own little server that not only harassed me about how much I was packing away (rude), but then let me harass him back.We affectionately called him my main meat man.

A few hours into this great time, the usual birthday stunt was pulled. You know, someone at the table pulls a server aside, tells them that someone at the table is having a birthday so the restaurant staff will come and humiliate them. Last time, it was one of the T's who was our target. This time? I was the victim! Double rude! I had no choice but to be a good sport and enjoy it!

Obviously, I am not too vain since I even posted these pictures of me that are less than flattering! I blame the subject and not the photographer. When you don't have great subject matter to begin with, hey, you get what you get. And for the record, I was ONLY drinking water. Okay, a little lemon in it, but nothing harder than that, despite my facial expressions. Thanks N for the pictures! (my camera batteries died early in the game)

A few hours more, and we finally decided that perhaps we needed to call it a night. Hugs, hugs and more hugs. Talk of an east coast visit, a road trip to Vegas, a white water canoe adventure and the usual promise of keeping in touch, which we all actually do thanks to freakin facebook!

I went home absolutely happy as a lark! A long time with some of my very best friends ever. The only thing missing was Splenda. I couldn't even tell him everything we talked about, there was just too much.

Can't wait for the next opportunity for a Fab Four reunion!


tiburon said...

I love that you are hamming it up.

Don't love that I wasn't there.

Would have been more fabulous if I was.


LaurieJ said...

I always skip Tucanos because I am too embarassed to tell them how much I really want and I leave a bit hungry :-p Heaven forbid I don't gorge myself while out to eat!

And cousins are the best relationships. Like siblings without the baggage ;-)

Kristina P. said...

I think those pictures are so fun!

And I love pretty much any Brazilian steakhouse.

Shawn said...

Yes! Please! A trip to New England! Come and visit moi!

Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun---loving the tongue look---heh, heh.

Martha H. said...


Looks like a super fun time.

tammy said...

I was a little worried when you mentioned "Brazilian style" in your title.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were having a ball and that's what matters!

Sue said...

You look so happy!!

I can tell you'll be working out a lot this week!! (all that meat)

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

very very fun!!! :)

Cadance said...

um....I think your little server there had to have slipped something a little more then lemon in your drink...those pics show you having a little too much fun!! hehehe!

and Tammys comment is till crackin' me up.....heheheheheh!

Omgirl said...

Every once in a while I like lot of meat too. Hot man meat. The best kind.

Natalie said...

Fun post! I have to say the photographer AND the subject were pretty amazing. Thanks for the fun night. And yes it is embarassing how close we live to each other and how sadly we never see each other.
Love, "N"

SO said...

Cousins are seriously the best. Wonderful.

Becca said...

You look like you are having a blast. Nothing beats a night like that.

Teri said...

And you want to have something published? You have so much talent after this post! And I can promise she actually toned it down to post it! It really was a great time! ALMOST enough to think about moving closer but we like the heat, humidity and detest the cold and snow! :)But we love you!!! Definitely worth the snow this time!1