Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bikes 4 Kids Ride - 2009

Saturday was my first adventure with the Bikes 4 Kids organization and one of their fundraising rides. It's a great organization that provides bikes for disadvantaged children.

Chad stopped at my house at an early 7am, we loaded our bikes and headed for the Shark's place. We got her and her gear loaded and then headed for the IMC center where the event was held.

We checked in, got our packets, and headed back to the truck to unload our bikes, get prepped and ready to go. They offered a family 5k, 50k or 100k ride options. Based on what we are preparing for next weekend and the 100k course, we decided to stick with the 50k which is roughly 32 miles We talked an older biker parked behind us in to taking our picture and then with the magic of Tiburon's technical skills, she made us presentable. Side note - never question my love for the shark

We lined up at the start and we were guessing maybe there were a total of a couple hundred participants. It was a RIDE, not a RACE, I was reminded..... They sounded the horn, and off we went. The first part of the course is through some rough pavement. I don't care how padded your bike shorts are, the holes in the asphalt do.not.feel.good.

After turning onto Winchester drive, we faced the biggest hill of the course. I couldn't even begin to guess the grade, I just know it is steep. I turned to Tiburon and told her I was going to build up as much speed as I could for the momentum. The hill was HARD! Thank goodness it was short. Short but steep. Doable, but hard. I was glad it was past us, and started thinking about how much fun it would be going down it on the way back. We made our way over to 6200 south and was heading west which means another hill. A looooooonnnngggg hill. Not a terribly steep grade, but it just never ended. As we neared 2700 west we spotted some some familiar faces along the road side cheering us on!Tiburon's husband and her cute brood of kids came to the course to cheer her on, and was kind enough to snap this of me as we approached. We chatted for a second or two and then back off on the ride. At 2700 west we turned south and YIKES!! A head wind! And we had this for the next SEVERAL miles? Okay, bring it.

It was perfect weather, and in my neck of the woods, so it was just plain fun for me. We continued until 144000 south where we turned into a school parking lot for the turnaround rest point. Chad I rolled in, and just behind me comes in the LARGEST HUMAN BEING I have ever seen in person. Up close. His bike alone was bigger than me. It just so happened to be Shawn Bradley! Remember him? A local kid known for playing a little bit of basketball? It was cool.

We got water, I ate some Goo gummies and were about to double back and ride in with Tib when I looked up and there she was! She was kicking some serious BUTT! So we waited, a little more water, a potty break, and then back on the road to finish the other half of the ride.

Going north now we had the tail wind. Much.more.pleasant! And we were able to actually go a little faster with that breeze pushing us. And for the record, taking that hill on Winchester going down? Tucking in and just coasting down? AWE.SOME!

We made it back, got some food and all total it took us a couple of hours or so and rode this far:

Headed back to the truck, loaded the bikes, made calls and then headed home. However, note to self. Self: Pack a hat after a ride. Your hair is AWFUL

I didn't happen to get a picture, but as we were at the finish and heading back, we saw the line of children waiting for their bikes. It was pretty awesome to see some of the smiles on those kids' faces and knowing that as much as I enjoyed the ride, it was even better knowing it was for a great cause. Who knows maybe one of those young kids will love it so much that they grow up to be a cycler too?


tiburon said...

It was so much fun! And seeing those kids faces made the hills totally worth it!

I AM SO IN for next year!

Kristina P. said...

You guys never cease to amaze me!

tammy said...

So great that you guys did this.

Shawn said...

You guys just freaking amaze me! You guys do a race every weekend----so cool!

By the by----you look hawt in your last pic----such a cutie!

Jan the crazy lady said...

You 2 are the bombs. Great job girl.

Pedaling said...

head wind is the worse but sounds like a great ride! and yay for shawn bradley! he's so huge!

Omgirl said...

My gosh, Woman. What do you eat that lets you do all this???

Plain Jame said...

WTH - your arms look awesome - I've always wanted cut arms like sheryl crow and kelly ripa. I'm cheering you guys on while I eat my chocolate and keep my feet up!

LaurieJ said...

I don't care what part of the picture was photoshopped- your muscles are awesome! Unless those were that case I made need to meet this shark ;-)

Cadance said...

You are so freaking HOT! You skinny Momma!! ♥ you!

Becca said...

It's official. I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Becca said...

It's official.
I want to be just like you when I grow up!