Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekends Make Me Happy - Part V

The BIG party.  Not just a get together.  Not just some cake and ice cream.  It was BIG.  It was HUGE.  It was EPIC!

Sissy's 3rd birthday party.  Her Mommy put it all together and hosted. 

Jungle Jim's was the place and lot's of little kids with their parents were invited.  The minute we pulled up, we realized that this was the happening place for a Saturday evening. 

Her theme was Dinosaur's since she loves anything dinosaur, snake, or shark.  Not a girlie bone in her body as of yet!  : )

Right off the bat the kids all got wristbands and headed to the rides.  Everyone had a great time, although I have to admit that even just watching some of them spin around made me nauseous.

After about an hour, they brought out pizza (I am glad Splenda and I ate at the OG previously).  Everyone ate, talked, and wrangled their children to stay close by.

After the pizza, Sissy opened presents

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. 

The crowning moment was the pinata. 

Which was interesting to Sissy for a minute, but once she couldn't crack it open and it was everyone's turn, she was bored.  And when it finally broke open and the kids were scrambling for the candy?  She was here:

in the playhouse.

3 hours later with exhaustion setting in, we said good bye to all the guests and began to load up.  Mommy with Sissy's presents to go home. And us with Sissy for the rest of the weekend. The best part was leaving the mess for the Jungle Jim's staff to clean up.

Thanks Mommy for hosting a fun party.  Sissy loved it.  She talked about it on the way home and again the next morning.  Poppa got it all on video so she'll have the memories the rest of her life.

Thanks to the good friends and family who came and supported (you know who you are).  Days like this are more special because you are a part of it.


Cherie said...

I love parties like this - a TOTAL and Complete BLAST and you can leave the mess there - Hooray!! The birthday girl looks "over the moon" happy!!

Cherie said...

P.S. You have really been going going going - busy girl lately!

wendy said...

wow, what a busy weekend you've had...all the parts.

Sissy is a doll.
I love the p hoto of you and hury hubby at the temple.

wendy said...

UM, I don't really know what "hury hubby" is........seriously, where did that come from.
My mind is a mess

tammy said...

That wore me out just looking at the pics.

I'm sure she'll be talking about that one for awhile.

Patricia said...

Well we call our's here Monkey Joes and we have the same fun here that they looked like they had there. Happy Birthday Sissy.


tiburon said...

It was the party of the year. Thanks so much for the invite. The littles had a superfantastic time!

Devri said...

I love Jungle Jim.. best time evah for a winter day! she is so cute. you, you little miss are a darling woman yourself! Fun for all. Glad you had a blast!

Mae Rae said...

it looks like so much fun. I am going through today and will comment and read...don't feel the need to respond to all my comments.

Natalie said...

Your little sissy looks like she was having a blast! And you can't beat Jungle Jim for a great party.

Cheeseboy said...

Okay, you may have the coolest named blog name of all time.

Jungle Jims is 10 times better than that joke known as Chuck-E-Cheeses. That's right - I called you out Chuck-E-Cheeses. You stink!

Omgirl said...

Three years old?? Where does the time go?!? Jungle Jims rocks. I'm so glad she (you?) had a good time.

Martha H. said...

I can't believe she is 3. Wasn't she just born? I swear she was...

So cute!

Looks like everyone had a fun time.


Happy Happy Birthday Sissy!!

Love leaving the mess:)

Plain Jame said...

Oh my cuteness - I love that she gives you kisses and pats your cheek to wake you up. We call it the "wake up smile" in the morning. Nothing better.

Erin said...

What a little cutie!

kado! said...

look at all that FUN!

Happy b-day to the cute 3 year old!!!!