Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A lively conversation

Yesterday DaNae posted a well spoken rant and boy did it spur some commentary.

Go here.

Make sure to read the entire post, the comments, and then respectfully chime in. 

I tell you what, I am learning a whole lot about  human nature, a lot about people of my own faith, and a lot about people who hide behind ANON in their comments.

For the record, I did leave a comment, but it's buried in the stack.  Good luck if you find it.  My goal is to NEVER, EVER become that kind of Mormon.  Or if I was a Cathlolic, that kind of catholic, or protestant or whatever religion.  I can safely say, I will NEVER allow myself to become that kind of person - no matter what my agreement or disagreement is.

That is all.


Omgirl said...

Very interesting stuff. Sad, embarrassing, unbelievable. But very good food for thought.

tammy said...

Wow. I'm going to be burned for saying this (at least by UT people), but I thought only Utah Mormons acted that way.

Karen said...

DeNae has turned off her comments. Since I don't know her and you do can you ask her for a favor? Cynthia's comment is wrong about who was busted for a DUI recently. I'm not sure what legislative position he held but I know he is NOT the Senate President. I happen to personally know the Senate President, Michael Waddups and it wasn't him. I'd just hate for people to think poorly of him for a DUI. Hey, if you don't like his political view and you think poorly that's fine (I have a few issues with him myself) but the DUI statement was wrong.

Mae Rae said...

wow, and wow, and a little more wow.

Plain Jame said...

Um, I like cake.