Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling's

I can't freakin believe it's Wednesday again!  And almost April!  Time is flying by at a speed I have never seen.  I don't know if that pleases me or not.  I'm still thinking about that one.

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself right now.  As sorry as I am for my friends on the east coast who are getting SLAMMED with rain and flooding that is out of control, it's snowing here today.  All day.  I hate, hate HATE it!  It has put me in a depressed and very sad mood.  Cookies have no safe haven in my house right now.  100 calorie pack or not, I'm pretty sure eating the whole box isn't doing me any good.  And then once I plow through those cookies, I want salty.  Pizza anyone?  It's a sick thing.

I've been educating myself on all things Marine.  It makes me even more proud of Bulldog, but at the same time, starting to have a tich of a freakout.  On his recommendation, I have been watching Eyes Open, Ears Click.  It's a documentary on boot camp in the Marines.  So far, I've just been watching clips on youtube, but what the WHAT?  Serious.  Those guys are mean.  And they yell.  A lot.  I so hope mijo will keep his mouth quiet and not try to dish it back.  That is my biggest fear.  'Cause 'dawg's got a mouth all his own.  I hope he keeps his yapper shut!

No one is going to quite understand this, but I desperately want to go away again.  And St George for work is not going to cut it.  Like I want another road trip.  Maybe south.  Maybe Arizona.  Someplace sunny, hot and different.  I realize that I have spent much of March on vacay, but really, I am desperate.  When I think of  just one more week on the beach in Cancun with nothing but reading, sleeping and baking to do, I seriously get a physical pang about it.  I want it so badly.
Don't judge.

My triathlon training is going well.  Every Wednesday has become my "tri"day.  Do the 5k, 13 miles on the bike and at least 300 meters in the pool.  I'm getting quicker, and not quite wanting to die by the end.  Now, if I can keep shaving off time, I will be pleased.

Speaking of training.  Tomorrow the St George Marathon opens for registration.  It's a lottery.  Cross your fingers for me!  It'd be a dream come true to get in.

My bike needs a tune up.  I keep putting it off because of um, well this STUPID snow!  Arrggghhhhh.  Did I mention I am in a funk because of this weather?

I can't end my wramblings on a downer.......let's see........hmmmmm.........Sissy comes this weekend!  Now that is something to be excited and happy about!!


Braden said...

M-cat, I tracked (please, not stalking, though) you back through your comment on DeNae's blog. You said your dis of Twilight was really good, so I came to see it. But I can't find it. I hope you can send me a link or something. I have to say I really like your attitude on your blog.

Jewls said...

Someday you need to teach me how to swim. As for the marathon...definitely not doing that again until I completely forget the last one...ha ha! But I'll cross my fingers for YOU!

Cherie said...

Ahhh Man don't tell me it's snowing in Utah. We are heading down for Conference - it better stop dang it!

So can you run again? Are you all better after your injury?? If you are thinking of running in the St. George Marathon I am guessing so! That is awesome - Hope you get in!!!

Happy Easter!!

wendy said...

Your son's going into the Marines??? WOW

Hey you want another trip...come see me.
Ok, never mind, you wanted sun, warm weather, probably a palm tree and something to sift through your toes
that wouldn't be HERE....But I got sun, some ALOT of wind, a bunch of leafless trees, and horse poop...which you probably don't want gooshing between your toes.
BUT....I'd make you cookies.

Spring....please quit teasing me and hurry and get here...FOR REAL

Omgirl said...

I can't believe you're already training for a tri again! I'm so glad your body is doing that well. You go girl!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

I am with you on the snow hate. Blerg. Way to go on the training, hope you get into the marathon.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Yup. Yucky, icky, blah, white-ish weather here too. It snowed and snowed.
I hate it. I'm ready to get a petition and send it via white dove.

You go girl! Good luck with you're training! You're really putting me to shame!

DeNae said...

You know, I usually have a high tolerance for snow, and I'm not just saying that because it's been 12 years since I lived anywhere that gets it. But I gotta agree with you: Enough's enough already! My sister's ready to shoot herself down in Cedar City, and yeah, I'm with Cherie. I HATE it when all the conference center tulips have snow on their little heads!

It's even cold and gross here in Vegas, so if you're looking for heat, you wouldn't find it here.

Vanessa said...

Girls Tammy's!

tammy said...

Did I hear girls' trip? C'mon down girlies!

Boot camp sacres me. I'm pretty sure I'd be in tears with them yelling at me.

Mae Rae said...

the wramblings this week were definately cookie deserving. I think I have eaten just about everything in sight the last few days. Rain and too much water always get me down.

I am glad you ended on the up note. I love your up notes.

tiburon said...

Fingers crossed for St. George.

And could you just do my tri training for me? I don't wanna.